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Shelbyville Indiana’s Southwestern High, ‘Safest School in America’

In the wake of the recent Parkland Florida school shooting tragedy, many in the country are wondering what action can be taken to defend against such deadly attacks. Shelbyville Indiana’s Southwestern High School seems to be able to provide at least one answer.

In 2015, the school installed a one of a kind advanced security system known as Safe School Flagship or Best Practice Solution designed by Net Talon, a security company based out of Virginia. This innovative school defense system features security cameras positioned in hallways and other open spaces with a direct live-feed to the local sheriff’s office.

All teachers are equipped with remote fobs that gives them the ability to hit the panic button in the event of an active shooter scenario which will automatically activate the school’s lockdown protocol and notify authorities. The fob also allows teachers to communicate to police whether their classroom is all-safe, in need of medical assistance or if they have spotted the suspect.

The final component of the safety system is smoke cannons positioned strategically throughout the school’s “hot spots”. The police working in conjunction with the security cameras fire the cannons to confuse the shooter as well as impair visibility.

This cutting edge school security system costs $400,000 dollars, most of which was financed by Net Talon, with the remaining funds coming via grants. Southwestern High was dubbed the “Safest School in America” after the recognition they received following their appearance on NBC’s nationally televised Today show.