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Five New Roundabouts Coming to One Indiana Township:

Franklin Township could have a new nickname, the Roundabout Capital of Indiana. The Marion County community of 54,000 is due to have five new roundabouts put in. Construction of these roundabouts, however, will not get started for quite a while. In fact, the projected date for work on them to begin is 2019.


Why the delay? Much of the funding for this project comes from the federal government. It will cover 80 percent of the construction. The remaining 20 percent of the funds will have to come from the Franklin Township government, and local officials need time to make sure enough the money is available to cover the cost of construction. Your text to link…


The roundabouts are slated to be built at the following intersections in Franklin: East Thompson Road at South Franklin Road, South Franklin Road at Edgewood Avenue, Edgewood Avenue at South Arlington Avenue, Stop 11 Road at Combs Road, and Stop 11 Road at 5 Points Road.


A roundabout is a circular junction that allows traffic to flow continuously in one direction. The Indiana Department of Transportation is installing roundabouts throughout the state to eliminate traditional four-way stop sign intersections. According to INDOT officials, roundabouts reduce traffic congestion, improve safety, and enhance the aesthetic quality of an intersection. More than 90 roundabouts were constructed throughout Indiana through 2013, and many more, including the five in Franklin Township, are in the works.