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Sultan Alhokair A Wise Business Man

Sultan Alhokair is a Boston based financial analyst and angel investor that has accomplished much in his career, and he has a lot more yet to accomplish in his life. Sultan Alhokair went the Northeastern University to study financial accounting and business management. He knew that he wanted to make finance a part of his life career, and for that reason he focused the majority of his study on the financial sector. He later went on to graduate from Northeastern in 2009. Unlike other financial analyst and investors Sultan Alhokair has a true interest in people. He wants to help businesses and he wants to see them succeed. That is why he also studied family business management as well. Later Sultan Alhokair decided to begin to do angel investing. An angel investor is a person that gives capital for a start up business. This angel investor is truly interested in the growth of that business, and they want to help a business to be able to start off well financially.

Sultan Alhokair first begin to work at The Retail Group of America as a project manager in 2014. He is able to give his services to the fashion industry and he also gives business advice to companies that work in branding and in sales. Apart from working in retail services, Sultan Alhokair continues to work to help up start up businesses. According to CrunchBase he aims to search out and to find the best receivers of his services. He tries to look for businesses that have feasible business models, and also businesses that are going to be able to gain profits and also going to be able to sustain themselves over time.

Even though Sultan Alhokai is still a relatively young businessman, he has accomplished a lot in his career. He has enabled many business owners to start up very successful businesses, and he has also been an integral member of the retail group of America.