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Pothole Repair Disparity Vexes Residents Of Indianapolis

A lot of people in Indiana’s largest city say they are suffering from pothole discrimination. While some Indiana residents get potholes on their streets filled within hours of calling the city, others find they must wait 10 to 21 days.

The city provides two methods of reporting potholes. Citizens can call the Mayor’s Action Center or use a nifty app called “Request Indy App.” But that doesn’t mean you will get swift action, depending on what part of the city you live in.

One resident told a local TV news crew that the road he takes to work every day is so filled with potholes it’s like navigating “landmines.” The hole-pocked road even forces him to go “off road” to get by certain areas.

Some Indianapolis residents report they have waited as long as 21 days to get pothole repairs after reporting them multiple times.

It seems that the northeast and southeast corners of the Indianapolis metro area face the longest wait times while central and southern areas get fast turnaround on potholes repair.

City officials don’t seem to have a good explanation for why there is pothole disparity in Indianapolis. Repeated attempts by reporters to get to the bottom of the phenomenon have come up empty.

Springtime is the worst time of year for potholes. Changing temperatures and retreating ground frost tend to cause roads to shift – to expand and contract – which weaken the structure of paved streets. That, along with heavy traffic, produces potholes.