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Vacation Rental Companies – Your Answer To London Tourist Lodging

In 2014, London was officially declared the most popular tourist destination city in the world by the UK Bureau of National Statistics. This modern city on the Themes River of 8.6 million people, which dates back to Roman Times, has something for everyone. Historic names like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Shakespeare, Dickens and the Royal Family stir the imagination and draw visitors from around the world.
This influx of tourists from Europe, North America and other foreign regions does present one problem: where do they all stay while they’re visiting?
Prior to the internet, hotels monopolized the tourist lodging business in London. Unfortunately, this lack of competition created a bad reputation for London hotels, warranted or not. Dirty rooms, price-gauging and indifferent service by the hotel staff were common complaints.
Then along came the internet revolution and the lodging industry changed. Almost overnight, a private-vacation rental market exploded on the London scene. Individuals began to advertise private rooms and apartments for short-term lodgers on the internet in a direct battle with the hotel industry. Serviced accommodations for rent on a daily basis were now being offered by private individuals and small businesses.
It wasn’t long before big business saw the huge potential of the London Vacation Rental market. LondonEscape is one of the oldest and largest of these rental-booking agencies. They service all budget levels with a vast inventory of temporary lodging facilities. Most of their properties can be booked on line with instant and secure confirmation via email.
In business since 2000, LondonEscape prides itself in knowing the city of London, the individual property owners and because they are totally customer-focused, they know their clients too. In addition, they are confident their customers know the lodging facilities they are booking: each property has its own webpage. The use of photos, written descriptions and reviews from previous quests who have stayed in the facility provide an honest picture of what their clients can expect.
Many people prefer booking private apartments because of the cost savings of having their own kitchen. Eating out in London is expensive. Fixing your own breakfast and packing bag lunches for your touring adventures are great money and time savers.
To enjoy your London visit to the fullest, booking your vacation rental through a legitimate booking-service company is highly recommended. They screen all of their facilities and the owners to insure your satisfaction, guarantee bookings, and strive to make your London visit a pleasant experience.