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Dr. Cameron Clokie and Healthy Dental Tips

Dr. Cameron Clokie who is an experienced dentist talked about the importance of dental care and how to keep your teeth clean while travelling. He says that there are a number of things that a person can practice to keep their dental hygiene on top.

While on vacation, Dr Cameron says that you should keep your teeth clean just like you do while at home. He adds that there are numerous obstacles that come when a person is out of their comfort zone like travelling.

Crunchbase reveals that Dr. Cameron Clokie who is an advocate for regenerative medicine says that the first step when traveling is to pack your toothbrushes and paste. He says that it is important that you pack several toothbrushes and keep them beside you.

It is also important that you carry with you some water bottles. This will come in handy at times when you will be far away from civilization or hotel. Since your toothbrush can harbor some bacteria, Dr. Cameron says that you should ensure that your toothbrush is completely dry when travelling.

You can as well use a dryer in order to be completely sure that it is dry. When traveling or going for a vacation, Dr. Cameron says that you should carry with you dental hygiene portable products. These include toothpicks, dental floss and mouthwash among others.

These will ensure that your dental health is on its maximum while you are out there. It is also important to throw in your favorite chewing gum in your packing bag. Chewing gum is essential in removing any food residues in your teeth as well as keeping your breath fresh.

According to Bloomberg, Dr. Cameron Clokie is an entrepreneur, a scientist, a surgeon and also a teacher. He serves as the head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and professor at the University of Toronto. He is a graduate from the McGill University where he acquired his DDS; Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1985.

Cameron also acquired his PhD in Bone regeneration from the same university. He went on to establish his bone research group in 1993 at the McGill University. Cameron has given lecturers internationally on a number of topics that are related to oral regeneration.