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NPRs Article On Rocketship Education Not Fair, Cries Critics

An article about Rocketship Education is being criticized as unfair, inaccurate, and not balanced according to critics. Many critics, mostly supporters of the Rocketship Education charter school organization reacted on the article claiming that it failed to present its claim in a fair perspective. Additionally, critics noticed its failure to define what the charter school organization is all about. Moreover, it defined the organization as a company, which rather sends a different image to readers.

Challenges of Rocketship Education

According to the NPR article, Rocketship Education faces a lot of challenges. But, the critics noted that the challenges cited are the same challenges that all schools including public schools are experiencing. Critics were quick to point that it appears the article is singling out the charter school when the issue should be treated in a general perspective since it is experienced by the entire system.

Additionally, the article pointed out several issues like the extreme pressure to succeed in terms of academics, strict discipline, the usual traditional classroom practices, and the long number of hours student spend at school. Critics highlighted that the issues are a general one that all schools are having a hard time dealing with and not just Rocketship Education. Critics said that despite these issues, parents are glad of the results and have been loyal to the schools that offer the same system.

Rocketship Education as A Company

In addition to the issues mentioned earlier, critics also noticed that the writer repeatedly referred to Rocketship Education as a company. To some, the term was inaccurately used and rather sends a misleading perception to the readers. The argument is that the term company refers to a for-profit business, which Rocketship Education is not. Also, critics pointed out that the article did not clearly state that non-profit organizations support for-profit ventures by purchasing their products and services.

The author defended this and on Twitter said that she used the term company when referring to Rocketship Education to avoid using words repeatedly. But, according to critics, nowhere in the article was the term non-profit organization used to refer to the charter school organization. They also pointed out that the author repeatedly used the term company 4 times, Rocketship schools 8 times, and Rocketship 68 times.

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Comedian Makes Generous Financial Donation To Public Schools

South Carolina schools are getting what they have needed for many ears. Every single grant request that South Carolina public teachers have asked for in the past year are about to be funded. Comedian Stephen Colbert has announced that the proceeds from a recent auction that he had will go to meet the financial needs of these teachers.

Mr. Colbert has been able to get the support from two other sources that will meet and even exceed the financial requests according to Madison Street Capital.The projects will aid to get the needed school sources and finance projects that will enhance the learning atmosphere in the state.

As a native of the state Mr. Colbert feels that giving back to the state that helped him reach his success is the best thing that he can do to give back. He appeared at a summit for teachers during teacher appreciation week in the state.

The generous donation was acknowledged in the live feed as well as through a conference feed from the Comedian’s grade school. The donation will go to fund every single one of over 1000 requests on the social fund raising site. More than 800 teachers will garner the benefits of the money donated.

The funds came at the right time to aid the teachers in finishing out their school year, and getting the schedules set for the next academic year. All involved are grateful for the generous donation from their native son.