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American-Indian financial analyst ,Paul Mampilly

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly was born in Indian where he grew up until he was 18 years. The successful financial advisor’s parents were poor and therefore could not be able to fund his higher education. Luckily, Paul was offered a scholarship by the Montclair University in the school of business. The scholarship covered was only to cover for his bachelor’s degree. Consequently, Paul acquired a job in a petrol refilling station so as to get some money for his upkeep. The Business administration student used to work at night and therefore the filling station was also his home.

Paul proved brilliant in his studies as he graduated with a first class honors and was immediately offered a job by Bankers Trust. In this bank, Paul served as an assistant manager and a few months later he was promoted to the senior manager. Later Paul felt that he needed advancement of his skills and thus decided to pursue his masters at Fordham School.

What company is he the founder of?

At the age of 42, the elite financial analyst retired from formal employment to set up his own firm and increase the time he spent with his family. Mampilly established an online platform known as Capuchin Consulting and Profit Unlimited. The platform which is primarily composed of the newsletter has over 100000 subscribers from all over the globe. The Bayan Hill-based newsletter is mainly meant to provide professional advisory services to upcoming and already existing entrepreneurs. Moreover, it highlights a list of fields that are profitable to venture into. Paul Mampilly who is the main author of this newsletter makes regular updates and shares them with the subscribers using online sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among others. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Talk Markets.

Newsletter Profit Unlimited

The Newsletter Unlimited is a column that is found in the finance section of the Bayan Hill newspaper. The eight pages that it occupies always contain articles by Paul Mampilly on several factors affecting businesses. In most cases, the investor fully focuses on the stock exchange and trends around it. The column is published on weekly, monthly and annually depending on the demand from its subscribers. Recently the author has been writing articles on Cytocurrency market and trends surrounding it like bitcoins, altcoins, and intellicoins among others.

What does Paul Mampilly’s presence on Facebook look like?

This successful finance specialist has a very large family on facebook who describe him as a passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic entrepreneur who possess a wide range of experience in the business world. Paul is quick to reply to questions and posts from his followers on Facebook. Moreover, he regularly posts on Cytocurrency hoping to create awareness about issues pertinent to it to the followers. Visit to know more.

What are his thoughts towards bitcoins?

Paul thinks lowly of bitcoins and discourages entrepreneurs who do not have any knowledge on bitcoins from investing in them. Moreover, he openly says that he believes that the chances of making a loss in bitcoins are more compared to any other kind of investments.