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Indiana Is Trying To Reform Their Prisons And Reduce The Populations

The Trump administration has started rounding up immigrants who are allegedly undocumented in shelters, courthouses, and hospitals. Their deportation will increase the profits for corporations including the GEO Group and CoreCivic. These corporations are the owners and operators of detention centers for immigrants who use ankle monitors for individuals waiting for their deportation hearings. The industries future in Indiana is not quite as optimistic. The Mayor of Indiana constructed a task force who recommended all ties with CoreCivic should be cut. The CoreCivic operates one of the two jails in the city. The administration of Mayor Joe Hogsett does not believe it is right to accept profits for placing prisoners in jail.

This change may become part of Indiana’s efforts to restructure their criminal justice system. They feel the root cause as to why individuals are entering the system is critical. The Mayor was elected in 2015 and has asked for sentencing reform and more funds to be invested in social workers, mental health professionals, and pretrial diversion. For more information about the prison system in Indiana please visit

The proposal of Mayor Hogsett reveals the truth about the private prison industry. It only thrives when there are too many individuals being placed in detention centers, prisons and jails. The addiction of the country to incarceration has been enabled for decades. The GEO Group and CoreCivic are influencing public officials by spending millions every year and are marketing their empty facilities to the government. The stagnant economy has allowed them to advertise as job creators while offering poor training, high turnover rates at the prisons and low wages. Some of the local and state governments in Indiana are starting to make progress. They are focused on reducing the populations in their prisons and dealing with the consequences of individuals with criminal convictions.