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Indiana Offers Prenatal Help To Moms Via A Special Group

Pregnant woman and children have been a hot topic in the political spectrum of the United States the past year. The Democrats want more help for them while Republicans are more focused on other areas. Indiana, like every other state, has numerous pregnant women who need help, but this state has stepped up with a new program that is offering these women a lot of help.

First time expectant mom Ashley Crawford attended her first support group meeting just a few months ago and walked away with knowledge that she wouldn’t have otherwise had. Immediately she began learning how important nutrition is for women who are expecting, and right away she learned that the high amount of sugar in her favorite glass of sweet tea might be a problem. At that meeting, Crawford met social worker Jack Martinez, who ended up counseling her through her entire pregnancy.

After the first meeting alone, Crawford ditcher her sugar filled drink armed with the new knowledge of how to best care for her growing baby. The support group, Healthier Moms and Babies, does more than just nutrition education. The group began in the mid 1990s and worked with low income women. They offer different types of prenatal care and education so that women understand what is happening within their bodies and recognize warning signs. The group also performs home visits along with the group sessions to help these women in any way they can. With the growing gap in help for women, this nonprofit group is trying to step up and help out wherever they can.

In a state like Indiana, this is a very needed program. The state has a large problem with finding accessible healthcare and many rural hospitals do no offer any type of labor and delivery services. Many women have to travel long distances just to get to their OB. Healthier Moms and Babies ahs done what they can to bridge the gap and get women the help they need.

While Indiana is not the only state to offer a nonprofit program like this, they are not something that are easy to find across the nation. Many women still go without proper care and education because they do not have access to it. For now, Indiana is proud to be closing the gap and providing these women and babies with a better chance at a happy future. If you would like a more detailed account of the group and their services, check out this article at the Huffington Post.