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The Retired Veteran James Reese- Successful CEO of Tigerswan

“james reese tigerswan” “james reese tigerswan”James Reese Biography

James Reese served for 25 years in the US Army. He retired from the army in 2007. His position was the combat leader, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. Having this experience he has learned the following leadership lessons: 1. Be a good listener.2. Accept the change and be a loyal follower.

Reese’s Business

James Reese is now a CEO of a small business, called TigerSwan, serviced and disabled veteran-owned. Because of his background, he has embraced a new form of mentality. He understands that it is his responsibility to be accountable for caring a burden of the workers who have bills, children, and college students. At the same time, he feels great to have the freedom of being able to form something that grows well.

Running a Business

It is a struggle for many veterans to adopt new economic opportunities. Reese himself is 80% disables veteran. He was motivated to start his own business. James Reese and his colleague decided to start the business using their capital. They were selected by the SDVOSB for a major defense contractor. His company, TigerSwan is majorly owned by disabled veterans. His major focus was to provide job opportunities for veterans like himself.

Growing The Tigerswan Business

James Reese took the profit of his investment and reinvested into a sharp and motivated mind type of people to improve the growth of the business. When he was in the military he did not have to select high performers or worry about his bills as it was all taken care of by the military for him. He just had to lead. Now, in his own business, Tigerswan, he faced a challenge of having to select the best workers, which means he would have to pay them more. He had to take budget into consideration as he hired as well as finding good employees. And this is the strategic part of a business. For other positions he would keep an eye on talented workers as well as entry-level experienced, he would then develop them into leaders. Developing and training people is difficult but Reese finds it very enjoyable.

Tigerswan Effective Workforce

Reese finds himself being a servant leader for he has served. He feels great to help others by developing their skills and helping them reach further than they have been, being veterans. His is business structured to allow their people to make mistakes to learn from them. They also do not micromanage but expect the top effort of each employee. Reese says that working at Tigerswan is not for everyone, he wants high performers. Reese is happy with his team. He is very proud of having Former Military Law-Enforcement personnel in his company.

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Obsidian Energy, Treating Communities And People With Respect

Treating people with kindness and respect is something that should just be human nature, however, in today’s modern world of greed and instant gratification, human connection has become lost in business. There is one company who has regained the focus on their customers, clients and friends and how to treat everyone with respect and more. That company is Obsidian Energy. As a mid-sized producer of oil and natural gas in Canada, Obsidian has taken several steps to make sure the people who are doing the drilling and the people around the drill sites are kept safe. This is because Obsidian has respect for people and they put those people and their safety above everything else.


Obsidian Energy has lots of experience in the industry. In fact, they were previously known as Penn West Ltd. The company has done more than just a name change. They have reformed their core values and the way the operate inside and out based on what they learned along the way. Obsidian Energy is a new company who has goals, values and beliefs that will pave the road to a brighter future. There are three areas in Alberta that are key to success for Obsidian. These areas are the Peace River oil sands, which is rich in oil and the Alberta Viking as well as the Pembina Cardium. It is from these three areas that production continues to be successful. Since June of 2017, Obsidian Energy has replaced Penn West Petroleum.


One of the areas that Obsidian Energy has been shifting their focus to is, not just pleasing investors and making money, but, doing it in a safe way. The company has focused a plan to make sure that their drilling operations are safe for the people working the production and for the communities in which they drill. This is just one of the ways that the company has been taking a positive approach to treating people with respect. At Obsidian Energy people come first and oil comes second. If something happens and it puts people at risk, Obsidian and their partners shut the production own and get the problems or issue, regardless how big or small fixed and make sure that everyone is safe. That’s just part of operating respectfully and it is working well for Obsidian Energy and the community at large. Read This Article for additional information