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Jason Hope Supports the SENS Foundation on Anti-Aging Research

SENS Research Foundation is prominent for hosting an Annual Biotechnology Conference. According to the organization’s founder Mr. Aubrey de Grey, attendees are reminded to ensure that they channel their contribution to the organization as the proceeds will be used to develop drugs that can be used to combat age-related diseases and other adverse effects of aging. All too often, experts attend this conference to learn as well as share knowledge not only as speakers but people who will later disseminate critical knowledge to the next generation of experts. The ideas from the experts are always directed to treatments targeting cancer, cellular damage and Alzheimer’s disease. Aside from working with experts, SENS Research Foundation works with entrepreneurs, researchers, and healthcare practitioners. Jason Hope is one of the entrepreneurs. Mr. Hope has carved out his name in the industry of technology and business.

Always an enthusiastic believer of the future of this world pegged on how advanced technology will be in the coming years, Mr. Hope parted with about $500,000 to support SENS Research Foundation on its mission to battle the side effects of aging. For SENS Foundation, that donation opened a new chapter in the books. The organization purchased materials for the construction of a new laboratory. Cambridge SENS Laboratory has been actively involved in carrying out crucial tests on the viability of people living a healthy life even with their ages setting in. Regarding his donation, Mr. Hope said in an interview that he was pleased to be part of a revolutionary project in the community.

Because the foundation is well equipped with professionals who work hard to make sure that the right cure for degenerative diseases is found, SENS Foundation was worth every penny donated not only by him but also other donors and researchers.As we look at Hope’s contributions to SENS Research Foundation, it is critical to look at how instrumental he has been in other fields as well. Mr. Hope is a renowned entrepreneur, author, futurist, and technologist. He also doubles as a philanthropist and a successful investor. Residing in Arizona, Hope is enthusiastic about giving back to the community.The Internet of Things is Hope’s best invention where he believes that the world will be a better place with more advanced technology. Also well educated, Mr. Hope studied business administration from the Arizona State University. Besides giving back to the community, he loves politics and has always championed the invention of business-related policies for a better future.

George Soros- Political & Social Influence and Philanthropic Activities

George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary under the pro-Nazi Hungarian regime. This was before he escaped to London for studies and later relocated to America. In London, Soros joined the London School of Economics where he operated as a waiter and railway porter. Afterward, he began his financial career at a merchant bank. As indicated in Politico, over the recent past years, Soros together with other rich liberals spent millions of dollars in support of various political aspirants of their choice. For instance, they supported the electing of Hillary Clinton against the retired President Bush and also against the current President Trump. However, Soros was not a great donor in US politics until the election of 2004 where he contributed $23,581,000 to 527 different Groups. Read this story about George at

On philanthropic matters, Soros has funded global efforts in promoting drug policy reforms. His philanthropic funding involves efforts to bolster non-violent democratization within post-Soviet states. The efforts are mainly from Eastern and Central Europe, and usually, take place through Open Society Foundations, formerly Open Society Institute (OSI) and National Soros Foundations. According to the Washington Times, Soros also funded the Ferguson protests by offering $33 million within a year to a group that incorporated activists.

George Soros has been a noticeable worldwide supporter of equitable standards and foundations for over 30 years. His magnanimous Association (Open Society Foundations) provides support to human rights and democracy organizations in over 100 countries. The New York hedge fund director is a standout amongst the most politically influential people in the world. From the mid-1980s specifically, he has utilized his tremendous impact to help reconfigure the political scenes of various countries around the globe.

Soros started his philanthropic activities in the year 1979, offering grants to dark South Africans under politically-sanctioned racial segregation. In the 1980s, he assisted in promoting the public sharing of ideas within the Communist Eastern Bloc by giving photocopiers that were used for reprinting banned texts. After the falling of the Berlin Wall, he established the Central European University and financed the cultural exchanges between the Western and Eastern Europe. Soros thus played a significant role in assisting the Soviet society that had affected him some time back.

With the ending of Cold War, George Soros extended his philanthropic efforts to the United States, Asia, and Africa where he supported a wide variety of new efforts to form more transparent, accountable, and democratic societies. He was among the key earlier voices that criticized drugs business.

Throughout the years, Soros has offered support to lawyers and paralegals that represented hundreds of unlawfully held people. Other similar efforts entail underwriting the biggest efforts in the globe that integrated the Europe’s Roma and offering school fees for thousands of bright and needy students from marginalized groups. To date, his political influence has continued to have bigger influence within the United States and even globally.

A Look Into Greg Secker’s Expertise In Forex Trading

Greg Secker can be described as a great entrepreneur, master trader, accomplished speaker, and a philanthropist. He was born in 1975 and is now well-known for his expertise in foreign exchange and his commitment to educating others about financial trading. He’s the author and publisher of several books such as Trading Your Way to Success, Financial Freedom Through Forex, and The Book Of Success. Greg Secker has established various companies including Capital Index, FX Capital, Learn To Trade, and SmartCharts Software. The Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit organization, was established in 2010 by Greg for philanthropic activities.


Greg Secker attended the University of Nottingham and graduated with a degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences. Greg started his trading career in the mid-90s where he served as a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services. While working there, Greg helped develop foreign exchange trading systems and created Virtual Trading Desk, an online platform for Forex trading. The platform earned him recognition with the British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce back in 1998. Greg served as the Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation where he interacted with reputable financial traders. However, he resigned from the position in 2003 to do Forex trading full-time and launched a trading floor in his living room and started to teach people the tips and tricks of Forex trading success. It’s during this time that Greg started the Knowledge to Action Group.


In 2008, the Knowledge to Action Group started to conduct seminars on Forex trading in several countries such as Ghana, New Zealand, Australia, among others. Greg’s firm, Knowledge to Action, was a regional finalist in growth and innovation for the National Business Awards in 2009. National CSR also recognized Greg Secker for Outstanding Individual Corporate Leadership at Learn to Trade. Notably, at the National Achievers Congress in 2011, Greg was the keynote speaker, and in 2013, he founded the Global Success Summit in South Africa.


Greg Secker is also popular for his philanthropic deeds. In 2010, Greg established The Greg Secker Foundation with the aim of improving the quality of life of people globally. The organization collaborates with youth programs to improve education, leadership and life skill in communities. Greg now travels widely around the globe showing people how to create wealth by applying innovative Forex trading strategies.


Betsy DeVos, a Philanthropist and Political Activist

In the just concluded US election, many people that were working behind the scenes to see the whole project a success have started emerging on the public glare. The group ranges from political players, business personalities and opinion leaders that impacted positively to the Republican win. Some of them have been recognized by the President-elect Donald Trump and have been nominated to the positions of cabinet secretaries. Betsy DeVos is a notable personality that has been at the forefront of fighting for the rights of Republicans by campaigning for them. She has been nominated as U.S. Education Secretary nominee with many people supporting her candidature. Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick are notable for their enormous financial contributions and donations towards the campaigns of the Republican candidates. The family dynasty is known for the great contribution they have made to charitable works. They have been recommended by many Americans for their goodwill in fostering the living standards of people through charitable organizations. In 2015, the family was estimated to have donated over $104 million to charity. Since then, the family fortune has been increasing, and most of it is channeled through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

With a good name and greater wealth, the Forbes values the family at an estimated net worth of over $1.33 billion. Their main success story is supporting the less vulnerable access education as education is their priority through the generous funding. In 2015 alone, over 26% of their donation went to schools which amounted to about $3 million. As such, this was the biggest spending in the year that had gone to education. They have also encouraged many non-governmental groups that support education by providing them with additional funding to fight for the right to education. Betsy DeVos has continued to support teachers and administrators on the good job they have been doing. They attribute the success of the education system to the devotion of some teachers both in public and private schools for the success witnessed due to the rising standards of education. There are also other higher learning institutions that have benefited from the funding by Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They include Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, Ferris State University in Big Rapids among others.

Betsy DeVos has a huge interest in the aviation industry, and this led to the establishment of the first aviation-themed charter school. This was to empower the young generation to undertake courses in the air transport sector and offer enhanced professional training. Betsy DeVos has left many people admiring her life as she has achieved a lot from both her private and public life. As such, she is a role model that many Americans have been emulating to succeed in life. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Scottsdale Entrepreneur Jason Hope’s Plan Of Action

When it comes to any decision of life, it is important to have a plan of action. For one thing, it takes a lot of thought and research in order to come up with a plan when it comes to activities such as philanthropy.

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Fortunately, Jason Hope has written it down on his site. One thing that he wants people to do is live authentically and find things that make it easier for them to do so. One of the things Jason Hope loves is philanthropy. He has a plan mapped out for people who like the same type of activity.

The first step for people to live authentically and be philanthropists is to find out what they are passionate about. For instance, people that want to help cure diseases are going to have a slightly different passion than people who just want to help feed the hungry. However, these passions can work together. That said, it is important for people to find the organizations that are specific to what they are passionate about. At the same time, there are philanthropist organizations that deal with a multitude of objectives. Once one finds the organizations that he is comfortable with, then he can figure out the next step.

The next step to philanthropy is to decide on the level that one wants to be involved. For instance, the person that wants to be involved on a local level is going to have a different approach to philanthropy than those that have a more global objective. Afterwards, one just has to decide how he is going to get involved. While many people help with money, there are those that are effective with the time they put in. Of course there is the possibility of doing both as well. Afterwards, one just has to do research in order to find the company that is both suited to him and effective in their philanthropy.

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Lefkofsky Stays On The Go

Eric Lefkofsky is an individual who is a super entrepreneur, and he is also an individual who loves the community. Eric Paul Lefkofsky was born in 1969, and he grew up in Michigan. Lefkofsky comes from a family of academics, and both he and his brother went to school to be lawyers. Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan Law school, and he received his Juris doctorate in 1993.



Right after graduating from law school in 1993, Lefkofsky and his friend Brad Keywell decided to start a clothing company. After starting the apparel company, Lefkofsky and Keywell continued as business partners. In 2005, Lefkofsky and Keywell created a freight logistics company called Echo Global Logistics, and Lefkofsky and Keywell were able to gain some of the largest technology investors in the country. In 2006, Lefkofsky and Keywell went on to find, and the company changed its name to In October 2009 Groupon was able to raise $30 million, and in 2010 Groupon received investments of $435 million. By 2011 Groupon had raised $950 million in private funding. Recent news on Groupon here.


Lefkofsky cofounded Tempus in 2016. Tempus is a technology company that has been able to do amazing things for patients and doctors around the world. Tempus is a company that helps doctors to be able to give their patients personalize cancer care. These services are based on scientific studies and the molecular makeup of each and every patient. This technology has been able to help many people get cohesive cancer treatment, and Tempus is constantly working on innovative techniques to improve their cancer finding technology. Latest news on ChicagoTribune.


Eric Lefkofsky is an individual who cares about the community. Lefkofsky is on the Board of Directors of the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Museum of Science and Industry. Lefkofsky is also a member of the World Business Chicago Board. Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth were able to form the Lefkofsky Foundation. The Lefkofsky Foundation is a foundation that has the goal of supporting children. This foundation helps to give funds to many organizations around the world, and it supports the arts, education, and science.

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Eric Pulier & American Ingenuity

Living in today’s modern society certainly has it’s advantages when being compared to eras of the past. Technology is king now days as it is implemented into every aspect or line of work to some degree. Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? Just know that this is a remarkable guy who has used innovative technology to better man-kind. Even though he’s not a household name, Eric Pulier has done just as enough or as more than most famous celebrities.


The Teaneck, New Jersey native always seem to have a fascination for technology even as a child. He stood out among his peers thanks to his brilliant way of thinking. In just the fourth grade, Pulier actually programmed his very first computer and by high school, this genius had founded a computer database company. The foundation was set at an early age and there’s no denying it as his passion pushed him even further to one of the most prestigious higher learning facilities in the world. In 1984 Pulier started his college life at Harvard University. The English/American Major had a very full schedule as he was an editor and column writer for the prominent Harvard Crimson Publication. During this time Pulier also took classes over at the neighboring school of (MIT). Though his peers had there own college agendas to deal with, Eric Pulier was far ore advanced and calculating when it came to laying the blueprint of his future. In 1988 he graduated manga cum laude and by 1991 he would be starting his professional life in California.


As soon as Eric Pulier settled into his new residence in The City of Angeles he went straight to work. As of today this brilliant mind has founded up to 15 companies such as XPRIZE, Service Mesh Inc, Digital Evolution, People Doing Things, Starbright World, and many more. He’s donated capital to charitable organizations, raised money for capital venture deals, and invested in numerous tech start-up companies. Eric Pulier’s impact on society is in-depth, but who knows just what he has in-store for the future.