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Betsy DeVos Supports Educational Choices

Not every child who is in school is going to learn the same way. This is a major problem for public schools that take the same approach to learning for each and every student who they are responsible for. Because there are not many different ways to teach people like that in public schools, students around the country struggle to learn what they need to be able to learn.

Betsy DeVos knows that this is a problem and has worked to fight it throughout her career. She is a philanthropist who has worked hard with many different types of children and all of this has allowed her the chance to make sure that she is getting the children everything that they need. She also wants to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to learn in the right way. For this reason, she is the secretary of education and has been working to make a difference since taking that position.

One of the first things that Betsy DeVos did was create voucher programs for children who were not able to afford private school. She wanted them to have the same opportunities as other children and made sure that they were going to be able to do through the use of these vouchers. Over 20 years ago, Betsy DeVos rolled out programs that were going to help these children get everything that they needed from private schools where they would be able to get all of the educational help that they need. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Since that time, Betsy DeVos has worked to provide even more opportunities for children. She is a huge supporter of being able to help children get what they need out of different things. This is something that she has been working on for many years and she will continue to work on. Anyone who has noticed a large increase in charter schools and other options for people has Betsy DeVos to thank for it. She uses charter schools, which run like private schools but are free, to give opportunities to children who do not have the voucher program available to them. It makes things much better for their lives.

Since Betsy DeVos is the secretary of education, she is going to continue working hard to make sure that things are going to go well for children who cannot afford a great education. She wants to see children succeed and that means that they need to have all of the educational opportunities possible so that they can make sure that they are getting more out of what they are able to do. The right education can be a world of difference for children who are underprivileged in different types of communities. Check this article from

Betsy DeVos Is About More Than Just Education Reform

The name Betsy DeVos has become one we are all aware of after she was appointed the U.S. Secretary of Education in 2017, but I myself have been aware of the work Mrs. DeVos has been completing for a number of years across the fields, of philanthropy, education reform, business, and politics. I believe Betsy DeVos has been inadvertently preparing for her current role for a number of years as I have followed closely the many excellent programs she has developed for those seeking to make sure a zip code is not the only way a child and their family determine the standard of education an individual receives; in the creation of high quality school choice and school voucher programs that have moved out of her native state of Michigan and across the U.S. I believe Betsy DeVos should be applauded for the improved chances of receiving a first class education Betsy DeVos has given families across the nation.

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Education obviously plays an important role in the life of Betsy DeVos as she has become one of the world’s best known voices on education reform, but I look back at the education career of Mrs. DeVos and see she embarked on developing the cause when it was seen as the habitat of extremists. In my own opinion, Mrs. DeVos has done a lot to turn the education reform movement into one of the most impressive groups in the world, particularly in the fact that many states across the nation are adopting the programs and systems developed under the leadership of Betsy DeVos. Not only has Betsy impressed me with her willingness to help children get better educational opportunities, but she and husband Dick DeVos have been willing to use their own funds in a bid to make sure every school choice or voucher program in the U.S. is publicized to the maximum to aid parents make an informed choice. Read more on Los Angeles Times.

I believe there is more to the life of Betsy DeVos than just educational programs as she has proven herself to be a successful business leader and an avid political supporter and commentator. Reading about the history of Betsy DeVos I was pleased to see her political career began in college and was developed as she became the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party; she also served on the Board of the Kennedy Center for the Arts after being appointed by President George W. Bush. As a business leader Betsy and Dick DeVos work together to fund new investment opportunities through their Windquest Group, which backs innovative new companies developing boxed water and green energy options that are supported at all levels by Betsy DeVos.

Finance and Philanthropy with George Soros


The life of George Soros has been full of hard work, giving back, and fighting for just causes. His tremendous efforts began early in his life, as he survived the Nazi occupation of war torn Hungary during World War II. Far from being defined by his early life journey, Soros’ many accomplishments throughout his career have been noteworthy and impactful. In addition to his success in financial management, Soros has extended himself both as a philanthropist and author, reaching well beyond life simply as the head of a fund management company.

After escaping Hungary in 1947, Soros arrived in England to begin his pursuit of financial studies. Attending the London School of Economics, Soros graduated in 1952 and joined an investment bank in London shortly afterwards. After gaining entry-level experience for four years, Soros left England for the United States in 1956. He quickly put his experience to work by taking investment management positions at firms such as F.M. Mayer, Wertheim & Co., and Arnold & S. Bleichroeder.

According to Forbes, his experience allowed Soros to found his own hedge fund company in 1973, calling it Soros Fund Management upon its inception. Evolving into the Quantum Fund Company, Soros’ company flourished under his direction, becoming known for aggressive investing and high returns for nearly two decades. Soros continued his work at Quantum Fund until the late 1980’s, becoming one of the wealthiest people in the world.

Having established such a successful company, Soros turned his attention to philanthropy. Founding Open Society Foundations in 1979, Soros aimed to setup a network of foundations and partners for more than 100 countries which upheld the rights of its citizens. The goal of Open Society was to hold governments accountable all over the world and to prevent the rights of citizens to be taken away or withheld in any way. His first project was to give scholarships to South African students under apartheid, giving them an educational opportunity they would not have had otherwise. Open Society has also supplied legal representation to thousands of individuals who were being unlawfully held.

Soros has also somehow found the time to put his knowledge into print, becoming a best-selling author. He has written fourteen books on many topics, from financial management to philanthropy and open societies. His first book written in 1987 is a classic investment book which highlights investment practices and his views of world order. He has continued to chronicle the world’s ever-changing financial markets, from covering the Soviet System to the financial crash of 2008. His latest release in 2014 is more relevant than ever, speaking on the future of Europe, xenophobia, and how conflict effects the global market.