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Stream Energy: The Value of Giving Back

Making a larger impact is what Stream Energy is all about. The company is notable for its excellent philanthropic efforts. For instance, the foundation of Stream Energy also known as Stream Cares were able to assist people after hurricane Harvey and strives to alleviate homelessness all over Dallas, Texas by partnering with Hope Supply Co. The hurricane dropped as much as fifty-six inches of rain throughout Houston neighborhoods, a lot of people saw how terrifying it was, how the entire place was flooded, and hundreds to thousands of individuals who lost their homes and their loved ones. Stream Energy cares for others and their entire management is trained to put the needs of other people first. The mission and vision of the organization are to use money that they have earned from their success to help those in need and to fund the restoration of Dallas.

Stream Energy is a successful energy and electricity enterprise that is notable across the country. They want to help ease the economic burden of their own clients and to make a change by giving cost-effective and reliable energy at all times. Corporate philanthropy is part of their purpose, releasing their own charity foundation known as Stream Cares simply shows how they have ongoing philanthropy all over Texas and across the United States of America. Stream Cares is part of the organization, leveraging philanthropy and charity is one of their primary objectives. The case of hurricane Harvey just proved how effective and efficient their foundation is to alleviate the problems of others.

As an organization and a business, launching a separate foundation for philanthropy is an outstandingly new phenomenon because it offers a wide array of benefits. Stream Energy consistently provides to the community of Dallas and as well as obtaining the respect, trust, and loyalty of their clients, the public, and people residing in Dallas. Being altruistic has allowed them to spread happiness and to bring back the lives of those who suffered. Giving back and prioritizing the needs of others just like what Stream Cares Foundation did is very inspiring and is something that everyone must learn to do.

Betsy DeVos: Helping to Found the Future of America

No one values the cost of a good education more than the current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. A quick look into her vocational aspirations will show that has put a lot of time and effort into the creation of programs that assist parents and students with the concept of “school choice”. She is considered by many to be one of the leading authorities on the school choice movement. People all over the country look to her for her keen advice on what they should do to help further their children’s education. She remains an outstanding public figure proving the point that sometimes it is better to challenge what we have grown accustomed to and fight for a new type of future.


Betsy DeVos began her career in the education field while living in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. While there she met many families and school officials who were disillusioned by the inner workings of the public school system. They spent much of their time lobbying for change within the systems, but Betsy DeVos saw a different type of solution. She believed that the system was flawed but one of the major problems that it had was that it remained unchallenged. She believed that the inclusion of charter schools and private schools would push the public-school system into some sort of action. Regardless of their action, she believed that these alternative types of education would allow students to receive a more well-rounded approach to their education.


It’s no secret that the teachers and faculty members of public-school systems are overstretched. This is one of the reasons why much of the outstanding talent that once resided in these institutions are moving to charters schools and private schools. They are looking for better working conditions. What parent would want their children going to a school that is considered to be a subpar work environment? Children are being placed in a position where their teachers are not the best and they are not learning correctly. Betsy DeVos explains in her past interview with PhilanthropyRoundtable that her desire to overhaul the system is one of necessity. She believes that eventually the public-school system will become obsolete and her goal to increase the interest in school choice will become the norm.


With individuals such as Betsy DeVos so dedicated to the educational system, there is no doubt that it will continue to flourish in the future. While the American students of this time do not perform at the same standard as their international counterparts they do have a brighter future ahead of them. Betsy DeVos and many other public figures have visited these alternative schools in an attempt to increase their visibility to the public. Parents need not worry about cost as Betsy DeVos is working on ways to help offset it with tax breaks and scholarship promotions. The major choice that Betsy DeVos wants from parents now is for them to make the choice to move their children to better education facilities and help found their future.


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The Greatness of Francisco Domenech

Puerto Rico, Florida, and the world at large are lucky to have Francisco Domenech as one of their own. Mr. Javier Domenech, in his many exploits, has worked with some of the greatest and delivered pure gold.

Today, the world celebrates Francisco Domenech as the brains behind the successes of POLITANK. Francisco, in his time as the managing director of the company, has helped the law firm reach its full potential by developing strategies that have seen private interests soften the hearts of the government bureaucrats.

Indeed, Javier has used his training in political science to advance his career. So phenomenal has Francisco become that he gets regarded as the man who runs the Senate, well, from the sidelines. Mr. Domenech has used his robust reputation to offer legal representation to the Senate in and out of the corridors of justice, a move that has won him favor among the wealthy and mighty.

Francisco the great, for instance, has dined with the self-righteous Hillary Clinton, managing her campaign at one point in time. Domenech has also had the chance of supporting Jennifer Gonzales in her bid to become Puerto Rico’s twentieth Resident Commissioner. Javier has prevailed despite encountering significant losses hence his greatness. Visit to learn more about Francisco.

Do you know Francisco Javier Domenech is larger than life? The alumnus of the University of Puerto Rico, in his time at the Office of Legislative Services of the P.R. Legislative Assembly, was able to streamline the organization, expanding service delivery at every twist and turn.

In short, there is more Javier can do including the proper management of counsel work, supervision of outside counsel, and offering legal counsel to interested parties. Domenech is also a philanthropist. Francisco, despite being a young man, has shown the tenacity of a sixty-year-old. His impressive streak has made him more than grateful for life, one reason he pays back to the community through charity.

Domenech has, for example, rallied his support against The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, the TASIS Dorado Scholarship Fund, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, the Museo de Arte de Ponce, The Clinton Foundation, and the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. In a nutshell, Javier is a man cut from a different cloth.  View:



Adam Milstein’s Opinion On Anti-Semitism

Adam Milstein is an investor, an activist and a philanthropic who was born in Haifa Israel. He spent his early life at Kiryat Motzkin after his family relocated from Haifa and Kiryat Yam. Adam Milstein joined Israel defense force at the age of 19 years before joining Israel Institute of technology where he acquired a BSc. in Business and Economics. He later married Gila Elgrably, and in 1981, the couple and its children moved to the United States. Adam then joined the University of Southern California where he attained his master degree in business administration.

As a pro- Israel activist, Adam Milstein has published many articles that have caught the attention of readers. One of the recent articles titled “Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide” he forces on how radical Muslims are determined to destroy Israel.

According to Adam, anti-Semitism which is historically common in radical right has as well been increasing in radical left. He claims that though the anti-Semitism sources have different traditions, they share ideas and this has increased cases of racism and hatred.

According to him, the alliance between radical Muslims and radical leftist is unfortunate. Because unlike earlier when the far left used to condemn the radical Muslims acts of ignoring the human rights and freedoms, they now cant question the unjust actions of their allies. The radical left views Israel as a powerful oppressor that aims at targeting the Muslims and causing their problems.

The article illustrates that the political activists Linda Sarsour has been in the forefront in strengthening the alliance. She is an affiliate to jihads, and she praises radical Muslims associated with the mass killing of innocent people. Besides her actions, she is seen and honored as a qualified feminist leader on the left.

Adam Milstein thinks that anti-Semitism tread has taken a new turn to Universities and has lured the mindset of many students. This move has made some students to publish articles that attack their fellow Israelite students. He claims that anti-Semitism in the institutions of higher learning may threaten the life of Jewish people

Adam Milstein Expresses Concern Over Recent Anti-Semitism

The Jewish News Syndicate is an important publication that has been dedicated to delivering the most pressing news to anyone of Jewish belief or ancestry. They have established themselves as the fastest-growing news outlet that focuses exclusively on Israel and the Jewish culture. They are delivered to over a hundred print outlets, and one of their chief contributors is Adam Milstein. One of Milstein’s recent articles discusses how anti-Semitism is growing at an alarming rate on the radical right but on the radical left as well.

One of the things that Adam Milstein is particularly concerned about would be the fact that there is an ever-present cornerstone of radical Muslim movements permeating the radical Left. Milstein cautions us not to take this lightly, saying that proponents of Radical Islam are not known for being peace-loving toward those that oppose them. They are known for stoning women, executing gays, and trampling upon feminists. This doesn’t even touch on their treatment of Jewish individuals.

Thus, Milstein writes, liberals should be appalled by how radical Islam treats those who don’t share their faith. However, as Milstein notes, these far left often shares a hatred for Western influence and nationalism and freedom of speech. Because they lump moderate Muslims and radical Muslims together into one “block”, they characterize radical Muslim as people that are “oppressed” even though they are often the ones doing the oppressing.

According to some on the left, Israel is a colonialist oppressor of Muslims that literally is at fault for all of the problems that are present in the Middle East. However, Adam Milstein is appalled at this characterization. However, there is more to the story and more for Adam Milstein to get appalled at. Take leftist hero Bernie Sanders for example.

Sanders recently campaigned for UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Seems pretty tame until you realize that Corbyn continues to deny the Holocaust ever happened to this day. The fact that Sanders wouldn’t campaign with a Homophobe, Islamophobe, or a racist but he would campaign for a denier of the Holocaust truly speaks volumes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s someone on the left or someone on the right, Adam Milstein knows that Anti-Semitism has no place in our modern society whatsoever.

Perry Mandera, Custom Companies’ Philanthropist

In 1986, Perry Mandera founded Custom Companies, a full-service transportation company. The company began with two trucks and now has a full line of transportation services including domestic and international airfreight, direct mail, expedited ground services, dry vans, full and partial truckloads, temperature controlled and flatbed services. Custom Companies is ISO 9001:2008 certified. They provide customized transportation services for both fortune 500 companies and smaller local companies. Perry Mandera was happy with the growth and performance of his transportation business, but he could see so many needs in the community and society at large were not being met, so he created Custom Cares Charities. In 2013, hurricanes and tornadoes devastated many areas in the United States. Custom Cares transported food, supplies and other necessities to Washington, Illinois after a tornado hit. They did the same for Louisiana and Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina devastated the areas. Perry Mandera sent 40 truckloads of donated and purchased supplies after Katrina hit. In 2017, Custom Companies sent truckloads full of relief supplies and they donated free trucking services to the victims of California wildfires. The Custom Cares is a registered 501(c)(3) charity. The Custom Company uses Custom Cares Charities as their philanthropic outlet ( Recently, for the Christmas holiday, Custom Companies located in Chicago, Illinois gave local residents thousands of dollars to buy gifts for the children in the hopes that the added money would help make a more fun and magical season for them. Mandera’s focus in not just on kids holiday needs, he also donates time and money to the Jesse White Tumblers. The organization gives kids healthy activities to engage in and keeps them away from the influence of drugs and crime that plagues the streets of Chicago. The students must maintain grades at a certain level and a free tutoring program is offered for those who do not meet the minimum requirements. Mandera also sponsors and coaches boxers. In the recent past, his efforts have resulted in two boxers going to the Olympics. Custom Companies is focused on helping people. It does so in many ways including hiring veterans and giving to causes that help them. Perry Mandera’s two mantras are “Make it Happen” and “Do it right the first time”. He lives it in his work, business structure and in his life.  

Greg Secker: Anyone Can Be an Entrepreneur and Be Their Own Boss

Greg Secker, a well known entrepreneur, was kind enough to share with the readers of IdeaMensch which software he uses and recommends. He says that he uses Salesforce, as it allows him to manage his multiple businesses and stay informed of their progress. He also uses the Smart Charts software, which helps you find out important information about forex markets. He is the founder and creator of the Smart Charts software. This software has changed the lives of many, as it has allowed a lot of people to learn how to trade from home. They can now use these charts in order to make profitable trades. More and more people are realizing the great opportunity that is provided to them through the Smart Charts software. He also says that Facebook can be a useful tool. On one hand, it is something that you might think of as just a platform for keeping up with your high school buddies, but Greg Secker says that he has found that Facebook can be a great tool for businesses and for marketers. There are many marketing opportunities on Facebook, as well as on other social media platforms.

Greg Secker says that he admires Gary Vaynerchuk and his great idea of turning people into products. He says that he sees that the world is moving away from constantly relying on the media to tell us what to do and how to think. Technology has allowed us to learn new things from alternative sources. An example would be the ability for anyone to become an entrepreneur and work from home. People are no longer thinking that they have to work at a nine to five job their whole life.

Greg Secker is a philanthropist. After Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines, he donated money for the building of one hundred new homes. He founded the Greg Secker Foundation.

Greg Secker was chosen as one of the 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs. He was picked for the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy.

Greg Secker Uses the Secker Foundation to Educate Traders

Learn to Trade by Greg Secker has been doing a great job at offering learning opportunities for traders. Since it was established, the company has assisted many prospective and seasoned traders to understand the dockets of Forex trading. That is why Greg Secker continues to receive positive recognition after years of trading in Forex.

Background information

For those who want to join the business of Forex trading, a lot needs to be internalized. Perhaps a role model and a person to draw inspiration from would do. A good role model in the industry roots from a well that has vast experience and skills. An astute role model is equipped with the right answers to challenging questions. Such are the tags that better define Greg Secker. Secker first joined trading when he left college. Having majored in food science and agriculture, he was focused on settling in hospitality industry. He, however, changed his mind. This is because he was passionate about computers and their use in the business world. That is how Greg Secker joined the trading world.


First off, Secker was employed at Thomas Cooking Financial. He garnered skills in business and leadership. That is how he landed leadership roles in every other organization he set foot in. Greg’s journey to entrepreneurship has been marked with consistency and determination. The international speaker uses his platform to facilitate knowledge on trade. As the founder of Learn to Trade, Capital Index in addition to SmartCharts Software, he has been able to guide traders through his experiences. What is more, he has sought to deliver the best trading skills through these platforms.


Greg Secker is passionate about empowering masses, through his foundation, Greg Secker Foundation. He has been developing strong entrepreneurial networks to assist most prospective traders. With his experience, he commits to positive contribution in the world of Forex trading. As a proud owner of several companies that deal with trade, he has established reliable platforms that can be trusted to predict the future of business. His journey as a young millionaire reflects his consistent trait in handling business. Secker is a role model.