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Sergio Cortes Explains about Michael Jackson’s Glove

Sergio Cortes is the best and famous impersonator of Michael Jackson. Apart from his looks that are similar to Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes has the singing and dancing talents that the pop icon had. According to his Facebook page, Sergio Cortes is a gifted artist that can sing, dance, and act.
His talents that are similar to Michael Jackson have raised curiosity among many in the world. Sergio Cortes notes that his similarity to Jackson is not only a career but a privilege. This is because many people do not see the difference between him and Michael Jackson. For this reason, Sergio Cortes is considered one of the best impersonators of the American Singer that died in 2009. This information was reported on Noticias r7.
Sergio Cortes was born in July 30, 1971 in Spain. His career started at an early age. His parent told him that he resembled the pop idol. During the time, Michael was also a child and a member of the Jackson 5. They were enjoying success in the United States and on the international scene. After watching the star on television, Sergio Cortes started paying more attention to Michael Jackson. When he was a teenager, a journalist asked him to pose as Michael Jackson. The photo turned his career around. He started getting proposals for more photos to pose like the pop idol.
Presently, Sergio Cortes runs an agency that manages his activities including the numerous concerts that he holds in a year. The thing that separates him from the other impersonators is the passion that he has for being like Michael Jackson. Additionally, his exceptional ability to perform the songs and pull of the choreography excellently has worked the trick. His electrifying performances have propelled his career with many fans crowding his shows whenever he performs, across the world. Sergio Cortes notes that the death of Michael Jackson affected him but his fans and the performances helped him cope with the loss.
Recently, Sergio Cortes talked about the auction of Michael Jackson’s glove at the value of $20,000. According to him, this was not the first time that Jackson’s glove was being auctioned. He points out that in 2009 another glove went for $402,000 in an auction, which was higher compared to the current glove prices. Sergio Cortes explained why Michael used one glove and why he liked gloves. Sergio asserted that Jackson wanted to have a story similar to greats like Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein by having a painting of him in a frame wearing the glove. This information was originally reported on
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The Spirit Of Michael Jackson Lives In Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Michael Jackson as a performer and a individual was a once in a lifetime personality that may never be equaled. However, there have been many attempts by talented impersonators to bring his spirit back to life. While some of those attempts were good and thought provoking, it wasn’t until Sergio Cortes came along that someone had finally captured the essence of the man in all regards.

In order to imitate another individual, it takes hundreds of hours of studying mannerisms and style. Then it takes hundreds more hours of practice. After all the time and effort, the impersonator is lucky if they can get it 75% right. Remember, a great impression will take a fan back to a time and place of great joy and happiness. The truth is you can’t fool a real fan.

Then along comes a guy like Sergio Cortes. His ability to capture MJs persona and style goes way beyond studying and practicing. There is an extra layer of profound talent and innate ability that helps him capture everything the world ever knew about Michael Jackson as a performer.

Amazingly, the world never quite understood the technical qualities of MJs singing ability. His pitch and tone were always spot on, leaving one to question how one guy can have such range and efficiency as a singer. MJ had nothing on Cortes who has been able to capture every note of every song that made Michael the unbelievable icon be became. The best part is Cortes’ efforts are never forced or manufactured. They come from natural ability and a great ear.

Of course, MJ was much more than a singer. He was a man with unique style and the ability to move over the dance floor like a leopard through the jungle. None of this creates an issue for Cortes who is able to dress and carry the same style as though he invented it. As for the dancing, Cortes has every pop, lock, spin and twist down to a science. Any measure of comparison would certainly require the ability to pull of the signature moonwalk. That’s child’s play for Mt. Cortes.

In the final analysis, what makes Cortes’ impersonation special is his recognizable love and admiration of the man he is impersonating. In a way, they seem to be kindred spirits with Cortes left here on earth as a reminder of one of the all-time greats. He may not be Michael Jackson, but his impersonation is good enough to bring joy to fans around the world.

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Sergio Cortes Is Moonwalking Jackson’s Legacy Back Into The World

One of the most important things in anyone’s life is the legacy which they’ll leave behind. It’s something that people seldom give much thought to when young. But as one grows older it becomes more important that the works a person created can live on. But if this is true for most people it’s even more so for artists and performers. Every artist hopes that their works will be remembered after they’ve passed on. But at the same time there’s always the concern that it be treated with the utmost respect. This is one of the reasons why people like MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes are so important to the world.

There’s obviously quite a few Michael Jackson impersonators in the world. But they typically approach only the most limited subsets of Jackson’s life. Some of the impersonators do a good job of looking like Jackson. Some are good at dancing like him or singing like him. Others might be able to act like him in public. All of these things are impressive and take a great deal of time to master. But it’s still a very limited view of an entire person’s life. Jackson was one of the most complex and prolific artists in modern history. To really impersonate him one needs to be able to encompass the totality of that life.

And this is exactly what makes Sergio Cortes such an amazing Michael Jackson impersonator. His amazing resemblance to Jackson was first noted when Cortes was still a small child. This meant that he began to work on impersonating Jackson when still in grade school. It takes a very long time to fully learn the entire skillset of someone like Jackson. In many ways it really is a life’s work. But Cortes had a huge advantage over other Jackson impersonators. By the time he began to work as a professional Jackson impersonator he’d already been honing those skills for his entire life.

This might seem purely academic at first. But the importance becomes clear when actually seeing and meeting Sergio Cortes. Because when one does so it never actually feels like meeting a man named Sergio Cortes. Instead meeting Cortes is more like getting a chance to meet, talk with, and enjoy the works of Michael Jackson. Cortes does an amazing job of not just emulating Jackson’s singing and dancing. What makes Cortes the true living legacy of Michael Jackson is the fact that he can impersonate every aspect of the man.