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Dr. Greg Finch Can Assist In Various Orthopedic Procedures

Orthopedic procedures can be conducted on millions of people every year. They are conducted on infants, teens, seniors and anybody else. The procedures can range from the simplest to highly complex conditions that may involve joints, muscles, as well as bones. Dr. Greg Finch is an expert in all these conditions though he specializes in spine injuries.


The major orthopedic areas today would include adult reconstructive surgery, besides sports medicine. Others are spine surgery, along with shoulder and elbow surgery. Another area of importance is foot and ankle surgery besides hand surgery. There can be trauma and fracture surgery besides orthopedic oncology as well as pediatric orthopedic surgery.


Greg Finch is well aware that besides treatment, each patient looks for compassion as well as comfort too. Hence he likes to customize his treatment in order to meet the unique needs of his patient.


Adult Reconstructive Surgery is basically focused on the surgical approach that fits the joint-related condition in the best possible way. Foot & Ankle Care is designed through surgical approaches and techniques in such a way to get the patient back on their feet quickly.


Orthopedic Oncology is another segment in orthopedics today. In this, orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Greg Finch take a team approach towards cancer. In this, surgery is combined with the medical oncology treatments.


Orthopaedic Trauma & Fracture Center will always provide urgent care in case of injuries that involve bones as well as joints.


Pediatric Orthopaedics is designed for children who are affected by joint diseases along with bone as well as muscle conditions. Shoulder & Elbow Care is the surgical treatment that is provided for any injuries to the upper extremities.


Spine Care is an important segment of care by Dr. Greg Finch. In this, children and adults are helped to cope with pain as well as regain the mobility in their spine.