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Who is Joseph Bismark?

On the Please Don’t Ask Alice blog, I discovered this article on Joseph Bismark that showcased a lot of different aspects about business and how your Sprituality can benefit your marketing. I found out the power of team work, prayer, and growth to one’s own self that can truly benefit your life and business if you take the right steps. If you are looking for an easy path to achieving success in your line of business, then you really need to start learning more about this guy’s techniques and how he uses his business and spirituality in similar ways.

Who Is Joseph Bismark?

Joseph is a businessman who has paved his way across the business world by simply using his own techniques on life and in his spirituality. Joseph is a professional businessman for different companies and Fortune 500 corporations. Joseph grew up as a monk in the Philippines for about eight years. He sacrificed his teenage life for an unorthodox lifestyle, and it allowed for him to grow as a person and learn about culture and people. The weirdest aspect of this is the fact that it eventually helped in his line of business for so many years because it instantly gave him the opportunities to achieve real success.

Joseph is ultimately goal oriented in how he sees his business. He uses the philosophy behind the power of team work and places that in his business. He knows that simply being an encouraging voice to somebody can make a world of difference to a person if he allows himself to be that voice. It’s amazing to witness how strong his employees can get after he speaks with them. He does not feel or act lie he is this big boss in the employee break rooms. He knows people, he knows how to treat people, and he knows how to provide every one of his employees the encouragement to improve at their craft in the office.

Building a business is more than just being a great manager. A successful business involves other people; a team. And this guy understands this simple business concept.

There Is No Moral Superiority Here

The issues with NASCAR is that it is in the south. I am a southerner, and that gives me the right to say this. Fans like Dr. Jennifer Walden have heard that the NASCAR folks want to pretend like they have the moral authority because they have conservative values and all that. However, they will not force tracks to put up SAFER Barriers. The NASCAR folks want to say that Kurt Busch has to sit out for as long as they like simply because they think they have the moral authority. They do not.

A car racing circuit that is not going to force tracks to use safety precautions for drivers cannot tell a guy who was not charged with a crime that he cannot drive. I supposed they want to keep him safer than the other rivers by not letting him drive. I would have thought that the punishment would be to drive on the track since each track is clearly so dangerous.

I am getting a little bit tired of the NASCAR folks thinking that their southern values give them the moral majority. In essence, they are making normal southerners look bad because they want to use their “values” to hurt a driver who had his day in court. This is just like Adrian Peterson.