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Something Like A Bazaar, Market America Continues To Be A Leader In The Online Shopping Industry

Market America is a dynamic, first-rate marketing company that was founded in the year 1992 by a man named JR Ridinger. Since its inception, the company has been a top retailer for items like weight management supplements, hygienic products, cosmetics, and flowers. Over the years, they’ve expanded their inventory to include high fashion clothing, shoes, home decor and many other products. The company has managed to move from stationary, land based marketing to online e-commerce with it’s website

One aspect that is unique to this company is a system created by JR Ridinger called UnFranchise Business. Franchise Businesses allow consumers to operate, run, and own a part of a popular company’s stake while paying hefty fees. The UnFranchise Business model gives the prospective owner a chance to own their own retail shop that they can market any way they please and it also gives them a chance to be managers by recruiting other sales representatives to work under them. When a person decides to improve their income by joining the ranks of multi-millionaire shop owners, they get complete access to,, and help from an established network of veteran retail owners. Not only have recent business owners seen revenue of nearly $1800 per month in product sells, they’ve also received anywhere from $300 to $1200 a month for simply bringing more people onto their Market America sales time.

Market America has enough support for any independent business owner to find success. At the moment, the company is operating in over 10 countries, has 700 plus employees located at it’s headquarters in Greensboro, NC, and has over 200 thousand virtual, independent employees located across the world. All of Market America’s websites are designed, maintained, and managed by the company’s IT department. In addition to having a great website, there are also various special promotions such as BOGO deals, rebates, percent off clearance deals, and cashback offers. Currently, Market America boasts retail sales revenues of $7.3 billion dollars and commission revenue and income of well over $4 billion. They are also partner with name brand companies and affiliates to offer over 40 million different products on their website. By implementing creative marketing strategies and selecting choice talent, Market America has found success and popularity among consumers and sellers alike.

How Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Model Can Actually Innovate the Non-Profit World

Some people dream of changing the world and others work toward making it happen. Jacob Lief is is the founder and lead executive of the non-profit Ubuntu Education Fund. The Ubuntu Education Fund has put the impoverished and at-risk youth of the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa at center stage. The goal of the Ubuntu Fund is to raise money in order to send these children to school, thus changing their lives along the way. The goal is admirable and the fund has been changing lives for years, now Jacob Lief is taking a serious look at how his non profit runs in order to make it even better.


Jacob Lief was speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, an annual meeting, when he came to a startling conclusion. Lief looked around the room and admitted to himself, “It was nonsense. The money was flowing in but we weren’t changing people’s lives.” Lief’s realization is one that comes to just about every non-profit worker eventually. Despite benefactors lining up at the door the Ubuntu Fund wasn’t able to spread their money around in the right ways. The reason? Red tape, benefactor restrictions, and a whole mess of cooks in the kitchen. In short, too many people were trying to run the show.


Andrew Rolfe has donated over $100,000 of his own money to the Ubuntu Fund since 2011 and he is now part of the board. Jacob Lief came to the board with a new idea in mind that would make more than a few people double take. Lief wanted to start limiting where their donations came from. Instead, Lief and Andrew Rolfe wanted to focus solely on high end benefactors who had a high net worth. These benefactors, Andrew Rolfe would come to understand, are more willing to let the non-profit work without regulation.


Jacob Lief said it best when he explained the new Ubuntu Model, “We now go for high net worth individuals or family foundations who understand that highly restricted funding isn’t worth our time.” The results have been clear: less money in funding but more funding actually going where it needs to go.