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Avoid Personal Wikipedia Writing

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is a glowing success. The site attracts millions of readers daily. The site also attracts a league of new contributors daily. Most contributors arrive on the site with good intentions. They wish to share their knowledge on a topic with other readers on the site. Many contributors are professionals in medicine, law, business, and government. However, a small group are individuals that are writing purely biased articles about themselves. This overtly zealous approach might actually harm their online reputation. Let’s take a closer look.

Keep It Neutral
Create a Wikipedia page has certain guideline rules that contributors should follow. One of their top rules or guidelines is to follow the neutral point of view. Let’s face facts. It is almost impossible to remain neutral, writing about personal details. The average person will clearly prefer showing their good points and attributes. Certainly, this is not adhering to the neutral point of view that looks at the good and bad. Wikipedia prefers neutrality and only the facts.

Adverse Effects
There is another reason why it is advised to avoid writing personal biographies or articles about personal accomplishments. Writing a hyped article about your outstanding, personal accomplishments will get noticed by the search engines. People across the world are exposed to that glowing article about your accomplishments. The fact is that others might decide to contribute less than sparkling information about your personal life that will overshadow your accomplishments. Those less than glowing comments are exposed to the readers and search engines too. The information could be copied by others writing reports about you or your business. Thus, the glowing article ended up doing more harm than good to your reputation. Beware personal glorification. It does not adhere to Wikipedia guidelines and just must backfire.

Get Professional Help
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