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Rules for Succeeding in Online Dating

The best website to cultivate long term relationships online is Skout. The dating and social networking app and website does a lot of things well apart from just online dating. It helps people find a like-minded crowd and interact with them. Skout has also helped to blur the boundaries between online and real life networking with their Travel app.

Successfully finding a like minded individual online is not as easy as it seems. It order to ensure that it doesn’t lead to a big fail, here are some basic rules to follow –

Rule 1: Fake Is Out, Real Is In

In order to succeed in websites like Skout, the biggest requirement is for a person to be real. When there is a computer screen between two people, it can lead to conversations that are different from those that occur in real life. The idea of online dating is to help people who may not be at the same location interact with each other and know more about each other’s lives. When people try to be fake, it becomes burdensome and, despite the online medium, shows clearly. It is extremely off-putting. So, rule number one of online dating is to be real.

Rule 2: Profiles Are For Profiling

The second thing to remember for successful online dating is to treat the profile as a first impression. On a real life date, people put on their best clothes, take the other person to the best restaurant they know, and basically, put their best foot forward. A dating profile is the same, except it reveals a lot more than first meetings. There is immense potential in a profile. It should not be overdone because it needs to mirror the person’s personality. Most importantly, though, it needs to be completely truthful. For instance, writing “my biggest weakness is that I’m really good looking” might not seem as humorous as some people think. It could be construed in many different ways, such as – arrogant, obnoxious, vain, and even stupid.

Rule 3: Be Careful With Humor

This brings to light the third rule of online dating – humor. It is true that different people respond to different kinds of humor but there are some general things to avoid while making a joke – overly sexual comments, sexist jokes, racist jokes and jokes that could hurt the other person’s religious sentiments. It is always prudent to study the other person’s profile before making a humorous quip to understand what kind of jokes they respond to.

With these three rules, it is also important to remember that these are real people and the best way to approach them is by being like yourself. Common interests in music, food and hobbies can often lead to a beautiful and fulfilling relationship.