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North Korea Soldier Walks Through DMZ To Defect

Christian Broda told me that a North Korean soldier walked through the minefield ladened area of the North and South DMZ Zone CNN iReport has reported on before, which separates North and South Korea to defect to the South. North Korean Solider Defects To South By Walking Through Minefield The solder has not been identified and it is unclear how he was able to navigate the minefield. The DMZ is the most mined area in the world and many have been killed trying to leave the North to seek refuge in the South. The rank of the soldier has not been released but he is believed to be a guard stationed at the DMZ border between North and South Korea.

Both countries still remain at an official state of war and have been at odds with each other since the end of the Korean War more than 50 years ago. The SOuth Korean government did not state what will happen to the soldier but it is expected that the trooper will be interrogated and will questioned regarding anything he knows about North Korean military plans or operations. Officials expect little from the process as North Korean leaders usually keep their lower troops in the dark regarding military operations. It is believed that a great number of North Korean’s are suffering greatly under the current regime and that many more would try to escape but for the severe risk to their life and family if they tried.