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Alastair Charles Borthwick

When people talk about the last war that the world witnessed, it’s mostly from whispers in the street, movies or films and sometimes from written materials. These materials were compiled from stories passed down by our forefathers or books written by people that were part and parcel of the war. One such author was Alastair Charles Borthwick. He was commissioned to serve in war as a private in the Highland Light infantry. It wasn’t long before he was commissioned to a higher rank in September 1939, a second lieutenant, a position that was postponed till November 1941 as a lance-corporal. During his service, he worked mainly as an intelligence officer, a path that led to the position of captain. On October 13, 1944, he was transferred to the fifth Seaforth Highlanders. During this time, his most significant feat came when he surprised the German troops. He had led his battalion, 600 men, relying on his instinct behind enemy’s line. Using this experience and that of others that served in the World War Two, Alastair Borthwick wrote his second book, Sans Peur, later published as Battalion.

Alastair Borthwick’s life before World War II.

Borthwick was born on February 17, 1913, in Rutherglen. He lived there for short while then moved to Glasgow where he attended Glasgow High. Alastair Borthwick left the school to work for Evening Times as a copy maker at the age of sixteen. Later he joined Glasgow Herald, a small newspaper that would become the pillar for his career as an author. While he worked for the paper, he wrote articles from a variety of topics one of them being the open-air column.

Open Air column exposed Alastair Borthwick to the shifting social culture. The working-class youths were participating resourcefully in activities previously left for the high-end members. These activities included hitchhiking and camping or “bothing” in caves. This became the mainstay in his column and the theme of his book, Always a little further, in 1939.

After the war.

Alastair Borthwick was married and immediately after the war, he and his wife moved to Jura. There he focused on broadcasting for BBC and fishing and crofting on his leisure time. He broadcast for both radio and television as well as presenting and writing programs. Buy Alastair’s book on Amazon.

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Steve Ritchie Is A CEO With A Good Attitude

Steve Ritchie has the most positive attitude out of all of the CEOs because he is all about the people. He is all about the patrons of Papa John’s, the workers of Papa John’s and the general communities that Papa John’s affects. This is why he has played his part to see what is going on in different levels of the company. Weeks of hearing workers’ conjectures from all over the nation has given him the perspective that he needs to make the company veer forward into the boundless future.

Stories are what he heard. Stories about love, courage, hate, conflict and community service. All kinds of stories were spoken of by Papa John’s workers who are out on the field every day, making the business run. There was something profound about traveling the country and hearing all of these stories. It showed the human spirit of Papa John’s, as well as the surprising extent to which Papa Johns affects communities. It’s not just a chain of fast food places that sells pizza that some people like and some people hate; it is a leader in American society, as well as in individual communities. In a post published by Biz Journals, much of this has to do with the fact that its workers are deeply and genuinely passionate about the communities that they live in and around. The workers have used Papa John’s as a vehicle to serve their communities in charitable ways.

At the end of his sabbatical, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s came home with an understanding that Papa John’s employees are big-hearted, passionate people who are loyally serving the needs of Papa John’s. It is good to know this because of the fact that the people on the field are the ones who carry out the mission of Papa John’s. They are the face of Papa John’s. A large part of the image of Papa John’s relies on the work and behavior of people on the field. It is good to know that they have so many good morals and are great workers.

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HCR Wealth Advisors: Personalized Financial Planners

One company that can help you with different financial planning services in the United States is HCR Wealth Advisors. Founded in the year 1998, HCR Wealth Advisors has emerged as a trusted investment advisory firm among its clients. They have an innovative style of working in which they consult with the client on the goals they want to achieve with through financial planning. The company has many senior financial and investment advisors working on-board. They work with clients to understand what they want with financial planning and what their financial goals are and plan a customized financial plan. The plan they develop is customized as per the needs of the customers.

One of the reasons why HCR Wealth Advisors have become so popular with its clients is that the firm is friendly and caring. Not only are they professionals when it comes to financial planning, but they also help their clients as they work towards achieving the results they are looking for. Irrespective of what kind of financial services you are looking for, rest assured that the advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors would likely be able to help you. There are many investment products that are available in the market these days and the team at HCR Wealth Advisors can help you identify which products to choose to meet your financial goals. For people who are looking for some assistance in understanding the intricacies of the financial markets, the advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors can help you.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm and over the years has helped many individuals plan their retirement and general finance. In today’s market, it is often difficult for the layman to understand how to invest and on what to invest. It is this confusion that the financial planners at HCR Wealth Advisors may be able to help.  They can guide you through the process of investment and help you to ensure that your future is safe financially. They will introduce to the world of finances in a way that would make the otherwise seemingly financial market seem profoundly simple.

Know what it’s like to work at HCR Wealth Advisors:

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Meet Worldly Recognized Entrepreneur: Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most known entrepreneurs in the world. He is greatly known for his development of the DAMAC properties. DAMAC Properties is a world-class property development firm that is based in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani was born in the United Arab Emirates by a father who also had a great entrepreneurial mind. He went to the University of Washington where he graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics.

His Career Journey

The career of this great businessman started in 1981 when he was working for the Abu Dhabi Gas industries as a finance officer. After two years of working with the Abu Dhabi, the great DAMAC owner moved on to start the Global Logistics Services Company. This is a catering company that has, since its development, grown to be a noticeable leader in the industry. Now the company comprises of more than 200 projects based in Africa and in the Commonwealth of Independent States. According to, the catering company can serve over 150,000 meals per day in any given market including construction sites, army camps, 5-star hotels as well as some educational institutions among other industries.

Being a great entrepreneur, Sajwani decided to start the DAMAC Properties. This is a company that ventures in the property development market. Presently, DAMAC can be defined as one of the biggest real estate development companies based in the Middle East featuring an incredibly successful projects portfolio. The success of this company is attributed to the DAMAC owner’s knowledge of property developments, law, finance administration, and marketing. Consequently, Hussain Sajwani was named among the top 100 most influential Arabs in the world by the Gulf Business.

His Recent involvement in the One Million Arab Coders Initiative

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, and CEO has recently signed a partnership deed in support and sponsor of the great One Million Arab Coders Initiative. This is an initiative that was launched in Dubai by the Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai with a key objective to offer free programming training to around one million Arab youths. The training was done to empower the young people with the languages of the future, coding skills as well as creating new opportunities for them

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Impressionable Facts About HCR Wealth Advisors

Personal relationships are an important aspect for the success of every firm. A vast number of firms have strived to form engaging relationships with their clients to maintain them and acquire new ones. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm in the United States that has strived to use the most effective approaches to ensure that each of their clients is fully satisfied with their services.

According to Whale Wisdom, the firm was founded in 1988 and over the years, the firm has offered financial and investment strategies to their clients to help them succeed in their ventures.

Various investors have avoided falling victims of many curveballs thrown by the financial markets, thanks to the team of professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors that has always been fully dedicated to guiding them on the various financial risks involved in the field of investment

Besides, the firm’s team of advisors also alerts clients about risky opportunities that they ought to avoid so as prevent their portfolios from losing value.

Additionally, the firm has also taken the initiative to advise people on those times when the market is expected to be volatile and this has seen a vast number of client change their investment strategies accordingly. mentioned that besides paying major attention to their clients, HCR Wealth Advisors is also fully dedicated to maintaining strictness and high confidentiality between their clients and they also strive to ensure that each of their client’s information is safe in their hands. Besides, their ability to ensure privacy in their dealings has won the trust of a vast number of their clients. They make sure to prioritize their clients.

The ability of the HCR Wealth Advisors to give a detailed outline of the strategies for clients to adopt for success in a venture has also seen a vast number of people gain confidence in their business operations. See these vacant jobs at HCR Wealth or go to their facebook page.

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Alex Pail of The Chainsmokers Talks About Success

Along with Andrew Taggert, Alex Pail is the DJ / Producer Duo The Chainsmokers. After the release of their second single Closer, Pail sat down with Andy Warhol’s Interview to discuss the journey that took him to his success as a DJ and what he thinks will be coming in the months and years ahead.


Closer, which features the singer Halsey, was written by Taggert and a friend of the duo. One thing that seperates the Chainsmokers from other DJ acts is that they write all of their own songs. They have also started to record and sing their own vocal tracks as well. Most DJ acts remix songs that other people have made, but The Chainsmokers stand out from the pack by creating new and unique songs.


Alex Pall says that he started as DJ when he was much younger, and that it was a hobby for him at first. As he got more and more into dance music, he became more and more serious about being a DJ. Eventually, his manager introduced him to fellow DJ and producer Andrew Taggert, and the Chainsmokers were born.


The duo worked hard to create their unique sound and while they did not want to think of recording and producing music as a job, they would get together everyday from about 9am to 7pm and spend time creating music and forming their identiy. Before long, they had a few hit singles- Roses and Don’t Let Me Down, and a huge number of followers on Instagram and in real life.


With the success of thier first two hit singles they were able to tour the world. Instgram was a huge key in being able to connect with their fans around the globe. They realized that there were some major differnces between the audiences of college students they had performed in front of. Through instragram they would get messages from fans who had been moved and inspired by thier music.


In the future the Chainsmokers plan on continuing to create, record and perform their own original dance music. After only a few short years, they have made a lasting mark in the electronic dance music world.

Jed McCaleb’s Bold Prediction

Jed McCaleb has become a very prominent figure in the Blockchain industry. He is responsible for founding Ripple, Mt. Gox, and Stellar CTO. He strongly believes that Stellar Lumens technology will lead to new global payment systems. So much so that in a recent interview with CNBC he boldly predicted that in the near future the entire world will be using the same payment system regardless of location. He believes the new payment system will be Blockchain powered and Stellar will be at the forefront of the revolution. Stellar uses digital tokens.

According to McCaleb, while he has been challenged by other professionals he stands by his prediction. It is clear to him that the world is moving toward a universal payments network. Two of the companies he’s founded, Ripple and Stellar, have received support from legitimate financial institutions. In fact, a well known bank in South Korea will be implementing Ripple on a commercial basis later in the year.

If everything happens as Jed thinks it will occur Stellar’s Blockchain technology may be the driving force behind a “Universal Payments Network” a decade from now. The change is expected to happen before the year 2030.

Jed McCaleb has a storied history with cryptocurrency. He was one of the earliest believers in Bitcoin. His belief in the cryptocurrency actually led to him founding the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange. With such a remarkable track record when Jed speaks people tend to listen. His prediction also include a major change to stock markets, payments, and fundraising.

Jed Mccaleb founded Stellar along with business partner Joyce Kim after he realized the many flaws with the world’s financial infrastructure. One of the main problems he recognized was a lack of resources for many people. Stellar’s mission is to fix the broken parts of the world’s financial infrastructure. Connect with Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

Brian Mulligan: The Backbone of Modern Media Business

There are many Brian Mulligan’s out there, but there is one who stands out above the rest. A man who prides himself on his hard work and dedication within his business endeavors. Featured on many famed publications, his success reigns across America, Brian Mulligan, Director and Member of the Audit Committee for the Ascent Media Group and Chief Executive Officer of Brooknol Advisors.

Most would say that Mulligan is a fortunate human being who spent his life working hard toward his career goals and success. He bathed in ambition set to achieve many career goals such as obtaining Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, Chief of Operations and more positions across a multitude of media companies over the span of 30 years.
His laundry list of superb education spans from the University of California, Los Angeles to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

He has served as Co-Chairman of Universal Pictures, CEO of Universal Television, EVP/CFO of one Fortune 50 company, EVP of Strategic Planning, Universal and Vice Chairman and not to mention Chairman of FOX Broadcasting and Cable. These companies being the most notable media and entertainment broadcasting companies in the entire world.

Mulligan considers himself an expert with a fiery interest in the likes of film, music, the publishing of music, television, cable networks, broadcasting, television networks and cable channels as well as video gaming. He has noted that he is passionate about continuing set solid structures these types of companies going forward.
Mulligan serves as a current member of the Los Angeles based business named, Digital Roundtable.

He has accomplished many community outreach endeavors in which have benefit thousands upon millions of people across the United States of America and some other parts of the world. One of Mulligan’s biggest accomplishments is known to be his work in the “A Better LA” campaign in which he aided in raised $90 million for education funding in Los Angeles. He also participates in many film and cinema groups, as well as small youth athletic organizations.

He has spent the last ten years or more as Chief Executive Officer for Brooknol Advisors. Within this position he maintains and seeks improvement for Media, Entertainment and Sports. He aids in advising many of these types of companies in strategic business planning, accounts, investments and more.

Mulligan has been known to be a backbone for the California media business. He has taken low companies and made them profitable and thriving, as well as grossing $175 billion in media and entertainment transactions.

Investing Expert Igor Cornelsen

8/17/2017 Updates:
Looking for advice on investing in Brazil? Investor Igor Cornelsen just published an article with Philly Purge all about the resurgence Brazil is experiencing with their economy. It’s a must read for anybody looking to invest internationally, or for anybody thinking about something new to do with their money. Ideas like these can be game changers when you can get in on the ground level.

Igor Cornelsen is an established investor and native of Brazil. The stock market businessman currently works for the company Bainbridge Investments, Inc, which is located in the Bahamas. Cornelsen serves as the company’s proprietor. He joined the investment firm in the spring of 2011. Bainbridge Investments focuses on investments that are long-term. His main goal at Bainbridge Investments is to discover creative and exciting ways to utilize the stock market for future success.

As a well-known investment professional, Cornelsen has ample background in helping investors complete strong long-term investments. Consulting work is one of Cornelsen’s various specialties. He frequently discourages people from investing in companies that are damaged. He instead frequently encourages them to concentrate on damaged stock investments. He’s often seen as a leader in the damaged stocks universe. Cornelsen’s investment technique is considered to be a sensitive one. His technique is often thought to be suitable for companies with stock prices that have dropped due to short-term difficulties.Although the financial advisor is at the moment employed at Bainbridge Investments, that’s far from his only experience in the financial field. He had several well-respected jobs in some of Brazil’s most prominent banks before beginning work at Bainbridge. Cornelsen in the past was accountable for a significant fraction of the Brazilian economy. He’s now retired from the banking world.

His investment tips are frequently featured in well-known United States publications such as He recently appeared on offering advice to individuals who were contemplating making investments in his South American homeland.

Investing is a big pastime for Igor Cornelsen, a Boca Raton, South Florida resident. He frequently flies back to his home nation of Brazil. He spends roughly 50 percent of his time in Brazil and 50 percent in Florida. Cornelsen likes to enjoy golf when he has some free time in his busy schedule.

The secret is out in terms of what Igor Cornelsen is doing in the world of investing and business. He has said that his secret weapon is the Brazilian market. This is the fifth largest economy in the world and yet for some reason is often overlooked by those who could benefit from it the most. This is truly unfortunate, but it is also something that could be avoided if people were more willing to try to overcome the desire to only invest in their home markets.

Those prepared to put some of their investment dollars to work in foreign markets can see almost instant results for doing so. This comes in the form of not being afraid to find opportunities in other places and take advantage of them. Those who follow Cornelsen will soon put money in the Brazilian market. They can understand that this is the place where the biggest amount of money could potentially be made for certain businesses.

An important thing to remember is that the people of Brazil are different from other types of people around the world. They are part of a region that likes to keep their markets highly regulated, and this can have an impact on the way that business is done in general.

Those who are serious about their companies need to understand the regulations they may have to face in these markets. With a little knowledge about what they are facing down, most can start to figure out ways to work from within those regulations to still make a nice profit.

Finally, smart investors will take note of the foreign currency differences between the countries. Why does this one matter? Simply because foreign currency value differences can play a huge role in how much profit ends up at the bottom of the balance sheet. It is an important calculation to do, and many people are simply not figuring out how much it is going to impact things for them. Investing in Brazil means that these calculations must be done. These three steps can lead to success in Brazil in general.

Different people have different things that they succeed at more than others, and for Igor Cornelsen that would be the stock market. He has taken time to learn all about it and what is wise to do when investing in it, and he knows more about the stock market than most people will ever know about one subject. He is a wise man, and the things that he has to say about the stock market should be carefully followed by everyone who is new to the stock market and is unsure how it works.

Igor Cornelsen has advice to offer those kind of people, and one thing that he is very insistent on is that they not put all of their money in one place. The stock market does not guarantee anything, and he says that it is important that people divide their money up between multiple companies if they want to have a greater chance of succeeding in it. If they don’t do that, then all of their money may disappear at once. It is better to be safe than sorry when dealing with the stock market, and anyone would be wise to hear what Igor Cornelsen has to say and to follow his tips.

Igor Cornelsen has learned a lot about the stock market. He has learned what is best to do when investing, and people who are hoping to do that should consider the words that have come from his mouth. Someone as wise as Igor Cornelsen is in dealing with the stock market should be greatly respected by all, and anyone who follows the tips that he has given will stand a much better chance of succeeding in the stock market than those who do not. He just knows what he is talking about, and people should believe him in what he has to say.

When someone knows a lot about what they do, I feel that those individuals can really help out a lot of people by sharing the kind of information that they have. When someone has experience in a specific industry, and they have learned from that experience, then I feel that that individual should share what they have learned in order to help others to be more successful. Igor Cornelsen is someone with experience in the stock industry, and he is someone who has taken the time to share some advice with others who are trying to make it in the industry. I respect this man for taking time out of his life to look out for others. I respect this man for feeling confident enough in himself to share what he has learned with others who could use the help.

When it comes to the stock market and the stock industry, there is much that a newcomer needs to learn. Igor Cornelsen shares some advice for those who need it, and I think that the advice that he shares could be very helpful to some. Igor Cornelsen recommends that those who are looking to make it in the stock industry should take the time to forge relationships and to get to know the natives in the land where they are making a go of things. I agree with him in that relationships are always important in all kinds of industries. Igor Cornelsen also recommends that an individual get to know the requirements and restrictions that govern a certain area. I agree with this, too. I think that an individual needs to know all of the rules of the land before they can attempt to make it in such a world. I think that those who are looking to make it in the stock world should look to those who know more than them, and that they should accept the advice and help that individuals such as Igor Cornelsen have to offer.

Man Saves The Lives of Two Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend and they do have feelings and emotions. This is well demonstrated in a recent post on Facebook. It seems that two dogs were at the end of their stay at a Detroit area shelter. With their impending departure, a touching photo showing one dog hugging the other was posted.

The photo of Susan McGalla and her dog quickly went viral. The touching description depicted the despair and fright the dogs were feeling. Begging for bravery one can almost see the fear in their eyes. One dog gives the desperate pled for someone to please come and save them.

Their pled was answered when a veterinary assistant saw the post. Touched by the emotion expressed and the heartwarming picture, he quickly came to the rescue of not just one, but both dogs. An after adoption picture shows the dogs offering elated ‘kisses’ to their new master, friend, and redeemer.

These are two dogs that will forever be in gratitude for their survival, and each other. Surely without the post the two would have been put down. No one would have seen the touching photo, and no one would have come to their rescue. How fortunate that there wasw someone who cared and opened their heart to make room for two furry friends. This will be a relationship that will last always, thanks to the kindness of one man.