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Indianapolis Colts Get Great Selection

The National Football League is one of the most competitive and hard to predict professional sports leagues in the world. While it can be hard to predict the success of any individual team in any given year, the Indianapolis Colts continue to be one of the most on predictable teams of all.


Three years ago the Colts won 11 games and made the playoffs before losing a close game. While the team has been loaded with talent, they have been very average over the past two seasons. In each of the past two years, the Colts have won eight games and lost another eight. This is despite having one of the best quarterbacks and wide receivers in the league. The biggest weakness that the team has had over this period of time has been their defense. However, it appears that the Colts have taken a big step forward in improving their defense of unit (


During the NFL draft, the Colts made one of the best selections overall. The team ended up selecting defense of back Malik Hooker out of Ohio state. Hooker is considered one of the most athletic and versatile players in the draft this season. Many experts on the NFL considered him to be a potential top five draft pick. Due to a lot of surprises, he ended up falling all the way to pick number 15 for the Colts. This will give the Colts great value for their selection and will help to improve a defensive back unit that could use more speed and athletic ability.