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Exciting Holiday News From NASCAR

If you are a NASCAR fan who has gone into hibernation to await the new season coming in February you need to wake up quickly, because there is a brand new holiday event at the Indianapolis Speedway that you definitely won’t want to miss. An exciting happening opened for the very first time November 18th and is slated to run until New Year’s Eve. Tickets will probably disappear as fast as hotcakes for “Lights at the Brickyard.” Not only will you have the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking holiday lights display, but t driving your vehicle on the track to include the winner’s circle area should definitely make this holiday event indescribably unforgettable.


This fantastic adventure involves 400 displays illuminated by 2 million lights and 40 different scenarios along a 1.7 mile segment of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Your trip will only last about 30 minutes, so if possible, capture as much as you can with your cellphone. Although everyone must remain in their vehicle, you will be allowed to roll down your windows and use photography equipment as well. Operational hours for Lights at the Brickyard are Sunday through Thursday 6 to 9 P.M. Friday and Saturday evening hours are 6 to 10 P.M.


Whether you are the sole occupant of a vehicle or aboard a 15-passenger vehicle, according to Indianapolis Motor Speedway President J. Douglas Bates with the assistance of R. Davis Fred and his Winterland, Inc. illumination experts, Lights at the Brickyard is anticipated to become an annual event.


There Is No Moral Superiority Here

The issues with NASCAR is that it is in the south. I am a southerner, and that gives me the right to say this. Fans like Dr. Jennifer Walden have heard that the NASCAR folks want to pretend like they have the moral authority because they have conservative values and all that. However, they will not force tracks to put up SAFER Barriers. The NASCAR folks want to say that Kurt Busch has to sit out for as long as they like simply because they think they have the moral authority. They do not.

A car racing circuit that is not going to force tracks to use safety precautions for drivers cannot tell a guy who was not charged with a crime that he cannot drive. I supposed they want to keep him safer than the other rivers by not letting him drive. I would have thought that the punishment would be to drive on the track since each track is clearly so dangerous.

I am getting a little bit tired of the NASCAR folks thinking that their southern values give them the moral majority. In essence, they are making normal southerners look bad because they want to use their “values” to hurt a driver who had his day in court. This is just like Adrian Peterson.

I Remember

I remember where I was. I was home for the weekend, and I sat down to watch the race with my Dad. We had been watching racing for decades by then. It was just another Daytona 500. Dale Earnhardt was my Dad’s favorite driver. He just loved the intensity and the focus Dale had.

Well, we sat down to watch the race, and there was a wreck. Bruce Karatz said he had seen wrecks all the time, and the wreck was simply not that bad. It was one of the simplest accidents in the world. I have been in a car accident worse than that.

However, they were cutting to media room, and there he was saying that we lost him. We all cried, because it was one of the worst days in racing. No one should have to die doing what they love, but at least Dale died doing what he loved. His death became the impetus for the change in safety. We have drivers wearing HANS devices, and we are making more safety changes every year to the cars.

This is a sad day in racing, but we need to remember one of the best drivers in the history of the world.