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Impersonating MJ Is A Career For Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes is a highly talented artist and above all the best impersonator of the legendary ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson. His attires, voice, walking and dancing styles are similar to that of MJ. According to a report published throughR7, Sergio Cortes said that it’s a privilege to have similar characters just like MJ. Indeed, these similarities create curiosity and also sharpen the eyes of many fans. Those who have never seen or heard about Sergio before may think that the real MJ is on the stage. Today, Sergio is considered as the best impersonator of Michael Jackson who died in 2009.
Sergio developed interests of copying MJ when he was part of the Jackson 5 when he had just started his career in music and later recognized in the whole world as the ‘King of Pop’. This was the turning point of Sergio’s career of impersonating Michael. He started to concentrate on MJ as he danced, sang and the way he talked to fans and the media. When he was a teenager, Sergio was approached by a local reporter dress like MJ and captured on photos, and since that day there were enormous repercussions on his life. Sergio’s passion of impersonating MJ had doubled since that time.
After he rose to fame, Sergio was invited to perform in different countries as an American Idol. Cortes has performed on various shows because he has ability to resemble MJ on almost everything that he used to do. His followers on Facebook are more than 16,000 fans and you can also follow him. Additionally, Sergio can also be found on Twitter. The social media network has largely exposed Sergio’s work to the public and has received several proposals to perform in different parts of the world. Sergio Cortes said that he was heavily touched by the death of MJ back in 2009.
He thinks that by impersonating the late MJ, he has managed to help the singer’s fans to move on and overcome the loss. Indeed, there are other famous personalities that are impersonated by their fans in Brazil. Singers, politicians, TV celebrities and actors are mainly impersonated. Also, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho are also impersonated by their football fans for the skills they possessed while playing. Sergio Cortes was born in Spain 43 years ago and is being recognized as a celeb across the world.

Sergio Cortes Is Moonwalking Jackson’s Legacy Back Into The World

One of the most important things in anyone’s life is the legacy which they’ll leave behind. It’s something that people seldom give much thought to when young. But as one grows older it becomes more important that the works a person created can live on. But if this is true for most people it’s even more so for artists and performers. Every artist hopes that their works will be remembered after they’ve passed on. But at the same time there’s always the concern that it be treated with the utmost respect. This is one of the reasons why people like MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes are so important to the world.

There’s obviously quite a few Michael Jackson impersonators in the world. But they typically approach only the most limited subsets of Jackson’s life. Some of the impersonators do a good job of looking like Jackson. Some are good at dancing like him or singing like him. Others might be able to act like him in public. All of these things are impressive and take a great deal of time to master. But it’s still a very limited view of an entire person’s life. Jackson was one of the most complex and prolific artists in modern history. To really impersonate him one needs to be able to encompass the totality of that life.

And this is exactly what makes Sergio Cortes such an amazing Michael Jackson impersonator. His amazing resemblance to Jackson was first noted when Cortes was still a small child. This meant that he began to work on impersonating Jackson when still in grade school. It takes a very long time to fully learn the entire skillset of someone like Jackson. In many ways it really is a life’s work. But Cortes had a huge advantage over other Jackson impersonators. By the time he began to work as a professional Jackson impersonator he’d already been honing those skills for his entire life.

This might seem purely academic at first. But the importance becomes clear when actually seeing and meeting Sergio Cortes. Because when one does so it never actually feels like meeting a man named Sergio Cortes. Instead meeting Cortes is more like getting a chance to meet, talk with, and enjoy the works of Michael Jackson. Cortes does an amazing job of not just emulating Jackson’s singing and dancing. What makes Cortes the true living legacy of Michael Jackson is the fact that he can impersonate every aspect of the man.

Reliving The Dream

Sergio Cortes is probably the best known Michael Jackson imitator. His striking physical resemblance combined with his more than 30 years of mimicking make him almost indistinguishable. This fact combined with the professionalism with which he handles himself make him a legend by his rights. He lives the MJ dream by entertaining fans all over the world.
Mr Cortes was born on July 30th, 1971 in Barcelona Spain. He comes from a family of 8 siblings. Since a young age, he showed a remarkable resemblance to Michael. In his childhood, one of his brothers came with a Jackson 5 tape. That marked the change of his life. He started to watch the star and his dance moves obsessively. He also began to try to walk like him and talk like him. This child hood obsession turned to a career as a teenager by chance. At the age of 16, Michael had visited Spain and Cortes went to see him. He was dressed like him and a journalist noticed that. He was immediately hired to act as a double to Michael to fool the press. It marked his start as a career double.
Sergio has been extremely successful by all means. He has built a brand around himself. He profiles himself as the one who will deliver like Michael and throws in extra songs Michael never performed in real life.
His sets include dancers, back-up singers, stage managers and an entirely professional audio and video team. He has marketing and a promotional team that organises and hypes his events. It has seen him have a remarkable efficiency in his operations. His shows are sold out. He is today a local celebrity in Brazil where he lives. His biggest fan base is in Latin America. His team is currently promoting all over the world where he is expected to grow.
Not much is known about Sergio off stage. He has managed to maintain a very private life. He is known to live alone with very few friends. He is single currently but once had a girlfriend. He loves Dolls and action figures. He is a gifted graphics designer and has won local awards. He has a Yorkshire dog named Zaffy.He has had her since she was a puppy. Surprisingly he doesn’t have an M.J favourite song.

Reliving The Moonwalk With Sergio Cortes

Michael Jackson was phenomenal; he changed the world of pop forever. Even though six years have passed since he died, his legacy lives on, and the fact that his estate has grown into billions of dollars is evidence that people are still buying MJ. Well, there is one Spanish man who has decided that in addition to the legend living on in people’s hearts, he will help them relive the electrifying experience that characterized MJ concerts. Here is what you need to know about Sergio Cortes.

Cortes is a Hispanic male who not only resembles MJ physically but also impersonates him with his singing and dancing skills. He was born in Barcelona Spain close to 4 decades ago, when the real MJ was about 10 years old and singing with the Jackson Five. Sergio has received a lot of support from his Brazilian fans, most of who attend his shows and support his stage performances. He is a member of destiny projects, an outfit that has helped him manage his artistic talent and advance it.

His interest with MJ’s work started when he was a little boy. He realized that he bore a lot of physical resemblance to the real Jackson and had the voice to match that of the legend. His two brothers, also great fans of MJ decided to join him in his performances, and they normally serve as lead dancers in his shows. When he was in his teens, he decided that he really wanted to look like the new age, Michael. He grew his hair long and even made his voice a soft baritone like Michael’s.

He has been recognized as the closest MJ look-alike alive. His personality, however, differs a little from that of MJ. He believes that life should be filled with less drama and more art.

When he is not singing or performing MJ songs, Sergio stays alone in the privacy of his home. He only keeps a few friends close to him and usually expresses trust issued for new and eager fans. The most central thing in his life is his talent that is performing like MJ.

If you are interested in following this sensation, you can find him on social sites such as facebook, twitter Myspace, and Orkut. He used these platforms to connect with new fans and keep in touch with the old ones. Due to his outspokenness on social media, he has earned both fans and haters. When he is not performing, he either listens to RnB or collects dolls and figures.

Is This Man Michael Jackson

Sergio Cortes is a man that does an amazing impersonation of the king of pop. Michael Jackson is an entertainer that has been impersonated over the years. Many people loved into impersonate Michael Jackson, because his moves are legendary. Michael Jackson is known as the king of pop because he was the originator of so many different ideas. The moonwalk is one of Michael Jackson’s classic moves. When he first did the moonwalk millions were thrilled by this move, and they tried to impersonate it to the best degree possible. Michael Jackson has songs, dances, and a look that is very hard to copy. He made his career to be a unique entertainer, and that is why he is an individual that is popular and well-known all around the world.

Sergio Cortes is one of the few impersonators that truly does an amazing job impersonating Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes is a Spanish native, and even when he was a young boy in Barcelona he would love to watch Michael and his brothers perform. He would watch their different moves in their concerts, and he would try to mimic the way that they danced and the way that they would move. As time went on Michael began his solo career and Sergio loved to watch Michael as an entertainer as well. When he was a teenager he would watch Michael’s moves very carefully and he would mimic them. Sergio would practice and practice until he got the moves down perfectly. As a teenager he began to dress and look like Michael Jackson, and he caught the eye of the local Spanish reporter. This reporter encouraged Sergio to pose in different photographs as if he was Michael Jackson and he did.

As the photos of Sergio posing as Michael Jackson went viral, so did his career. Sergio was offered many different jobs working for the entertainment business. Sergio now lives in Brazil, and he is a very well-known entertainer all around South America. Many individuals come from far and wide in order to see Sergio Cortes’s performances, because in reality he is a true artist and he has been able to do what many other impersonators have never been able to do. He is able to give a truly great performance as if he was the king of pop.

Thicke and Pharrell Lose Lawsuit

Rolling Stone has an article on their website about how songwriters Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams lost a lawsuit by the estate of Marvin Gaye. A jury ruled that the pair ripped off Marvin Gaye’s 1970’s tune “Got to Give it Up” in their own recent smash hit “Blurred Lines”. They will have to pay the estate – two children of Gaye’s – over seven million. Also, Ricardo Tosto said the Gaye estate is attempting to block all sales of “Blurred Lines” until a final agreement is worked out.

In my opinion, The jury made the wrong decision. WhoisWhoLegal said when you listen to a recording of Gaye’s song, it doesn’t sound all that much like “Blurred Lines”. Thicke and Pharrell acknowledged from the start that they were trying to recreate the groove of Gaye’s 1970’s work, but they clearly don’t cross the line to theft. All pop music builds on sounds that came before, and “Blurred Lines” is just one more song that was inspired by classic 1970’s recordings.

DJ Mustard Spins Beyoncé’s Hit Song 7/11

Many people are in love with the song “7/11” that Beyoncé put out months ago. Since the video dropped out of nowhere after Dave and Brit Morin with their Green Wedding shoes, with no hint that it was coming, many have fallen in love with the star all over again. DJ Mustard Remix. Beyoncé is known for being mysterious, and she even dropped an entire album this past year, without the knowledge of any of her fans. When it was found out that the album was released on the internet, hundreds of thousands of people rushed to get the album, almost breaking the internet.

Since the release of Beyoncé song, there have been several remixes that have been done by DJs or other artists. Some people have even taken to doing remixes on their own, and posting the video or song on YouTube, or other social media outlets. The song is a very popular one, mostly because Beyoncé is dancing around in her underwear, and looking very normal. Many speculate if the video was something with choreography, or if it was just free style that Beyoncé was doing, and adding her friends to the mix.

No matter what Beyoncé does, she is always scrutinized for it, so it’s very likely that the entire video was well-planned, and not by accident. Beyoncé’s hit song has spawned another remix by DJ mustard, and it can be heard online. The remix is a great rendition of Beyoncé’s version of 7/11.

The Great Comeback of Fall Out Boy

“Nobody can decide why we suck – to me that mean we’re doing the right thing.” This is what Patrick Stump, vocalist of Fall Out Boy, said when he was asked about the many haters of the band.

It’s been a couple of years since the news of the band members going their separate ways. When the band came back in 2012, the pop-punk rock scene was being overrun by dance music.

With “Centuries”, the band’s new single that’s climbing to the 22nd spot on the charts and had played more than 30 millions on Spotify, it’s easy to see that the band has really made a surprising comeback. They just finished their 6th album, American Beauty/American Psycho, that’s due in January 20th and they also have a song, “Immortals”, on the soundtrack of Big Hero 6.

Even the band members are quite surprised with it according to an article on Mashable. They were among the great rulers in the playlists of emo kids back in the mid-2000s, being included in half a dozen of Top 40 hits, as Dave and Brit Morin remember them well.

“We’d survive without radio”, said Pete Wentz, the band’s bassist and lyricist is delighted that the band can still make hit singles. They’re playing 15 radio-station festivals in just 20 days, from Oakland to Georgia. Currently, they are booking a summer amphitheater tour.

Beyonce Preggo with Baby #2?

After her fun 7/11 video and other music being released, it seems like Beyonce is a very busy woman . On Instagram, she posted a picture that many people believe show a baby bump. It is of her at the zoo with her daughter. If the rumors are true and the singer is pregnant, this will be the second child for her and her husband Jay-Z, after their daughter Blue Ivy.

However, the picture is taken at a lower angel looking upwards which is not the best angle for anyone. She has not officially stated any information about being pregnant nor has her reps, so Dave and Brit Morin don’t really know. The only reason people believe she may be is off of these pictures which are the best sources. She has a big year coming up so if she is pregnant, she may have to take a halt from her career.

Of course, her loyalty to her family overrides her loyalties to her career but she is still about to embark on a new passage to her career that will build it up. She has a new album coming out which requires lots of publicity, appearances, interviews, and if possible tour to help promote the music. Even if she is pregnant, it will still be an exciting journey in her personal life for her growing family. Blue Ivy will have a sibling and they can grow further together as a family.

Lea Michele Performs Let It Go

Anyone who is a fan of the movie “Frozen” must know the song entitled “Let It Go.” The song is played through radios, on TV, and has been sung by many different people over the past year. Lea Michele. When Frozen came out it was not only a hit movie, it’s been one of the biggest selling animated movies of all time. After passing the $2 billion mark, it solidified its place in history as an animated great.

Although the soundtrack song is extremely popular, many have become sick of the song, and the creator of the song is now apologizing to people for the songs extreme popularity. No one would truly be sorry for a song this popular, because it’s made an extreme amount of money. Those who watch the show, “Glee,” know that it’s in its final season. Slow Ventures originally reported in the final season of Glee, Leah Michelle is set to perform the song Let It Go, which is said to be pitch perfect, and SeedTable had posted the video, and they’d definitely agree.

The song is a tough one to do, because it is something you have to do with pitch perfect sound. There are some high notes that only someone with musical training can hit, or you must have a good enough voice. Leah Michelle is taking on the song in one of the last episodes of Glee. Many are already anticipating the episode, and the commercial for it has been shown on Fox several times.