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Desiree Perez Takes Tidal to New Heights

Now the Spring customers can enjoy exclusive content being streamed for them by Tidal. Desiree Perez and the entire Tidal family is highly excited about this.

Music streaming is a service that means millions of dollars worth of business. Now Tidal has always been the underdog in this industry. Executive Desiree Perez has decided to do something about it. She is not going to lie low and let things remain as they are. In fact, she is desperate and ensuring that things change for Tidal as soon as can be. After all, she wants Tidal to be a big brand name very soon. She wants it to be a sustainable company that is around for a pretty long time.

It is not a hidden fact that the management of Tidal has changed many times. This is because executives keep on stepping down. The simple reason behind this is that the company is not doing well and hence the executives are more than willing to move on. But Desiree Perez is made of a different mettle. Rather than move on, she has decided to make things happen here at Tidal. Perhaps this is why founder Jay-Z roped her in. After all, even he never gave up even though the membership was not promising enough and the management kept on moving out. Jay-Z has always been trying to shift to some other plan in order to save his investment.  See also

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Do note that Jay-Z is not on survival mode any more. He is taking the assistance of Desiree Perez in order to see Tidal thrive, hop over to this, for more of the subject. This is happening with new memberships pouring in. There is a lot of curiosity among the music fans, and Desiree Perez is responsible for fanning this desire. She knows that she has to bring customers in. For this, she has to get these customers interested.  Follow Dez on her page.

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Tidal is Back in the News with New Music for Spring 2017

Tidal streaming music app is back in the news now that it has gained momentum with new, exclusive tracks! Yes, Tidal streaming music will be releasing exclusive tracks from Rihanna, Beyonce, Kanye West, and T.I. In the spring of 2017.

Jay-Z was afraid that his newest investment was going to suffer due to lack of exclusive content. However, his new manager, Desiree Perez is definitely proving her worth, and her marketing skills have been extremely valuable to Tidal streaming music app.

Until now, Tidal has been an underdog in the streaming music industry, leaving Jay-Z wondering what happened to his huge investment. After bringing Desiree Perez on board, some amazing things are taking place behind the scenes, new business deals are being made, and new content is becoming available to members.

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a business owner who is well=known for working miracles behind the scenes. She has worked with many music artists on booking stadiums for their tours, and managing their album marketing strategies. Her husband is Juan Perez, the head of Roc Nation Sports.  Know her more, follow her page.

She possesses extremely strong negotiation skills and business understanding, which is exactly how she has managed to land such amazing exclusive deals for exclusive releases in 2017. Since she already has a relationship with many artists, she will definitely bring great value to the company.   See also

The Future of Tidal

Tidal streaming music app has an uncertain future. Since Jay-Z has invested so much into getting this app off the ground, the thought of selling to a corporation has definitely crossed his mind. While the possibility of selling is not set in stone, it is a possibility that is being considered. However, it is possible that if Perez is able to get the app off the ground, he may consider keeping the app. Especially if he starts to see a substantial return on his financial investment.  Hop over to this to read more related articles.

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Desiree Perez Brings Tidal App to Light

Jay-Z is seeing new success with his streaming music app, Tidal. This new success can be directly attributed to his brilliant thought of bringing Desiree Perez on board.

The industry of streaming music is a multi-million dollar industry. However, Tidal has seen little success so far, and many executives have stepped down because of this lack of success.

After bringing on Desiree Perez, a new customer base has taken interest in the new streaming app and Perez’s plans are to take the world by storm, even though it is a newer app. Perez has brought a new management approach, and her success in marketing, business, and previous managerial experience has proven to be the right decision.

Tidal has turned itself around, and is now entering the world of successful, thriving businesses. The interest that Perez is bringing in appears to be centered around drawing genuine interest in the app itself. The curiosity brings in new customers, but the quality of the service is what keeps them interested.

Perez owns her own business, and is credited with successfully marketing for many major singers over the years. She has decided to take time out of her own business in order to make Tidal streaming music a success. In comparison to the traffic the app was getting before she began, the app is becoming a great success. For more, follow her on her page.

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Even though Perez is working hard to make this app a success, it is rumored that Jay-Z is willing to take corporate offers from those willing to purchase the app. Until Perez came on board, the app was financially draining. Since it does not have the amazing financial resources that its competitors enjoy, it may be a long time before Jay-Z sees a financial return on his investment.  Check this on

Even though there is a consideration in selling rights to the app, Jay-Z will clearly keep Perez working on the app, in hopes that it becomes a massive success soon.   See also

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Desiree Perez to change Tidal’s Fortune.

The music streaming industry is a business that rakes in millions of dollars and Tidal under the leadership of Desiree Perez will soon be no exception. The rebirth Tidal is undergoing is a bearing in mind Tidal’s dark past with problems to do with membership and management.

Desiree Perez who sources say is a close trusted associate of Jay-Z for nearly 20 years and has helped him transition from rap to music streaming, is taking an angle that former executives haven’t taken to ensure the success of Tidal.

Married to “OG” Juan Perez who manages Roc Nation Sports, she is considered to be a force to be reckoned with, boasting of strong negotiation and accounting skills. Her experience in successfully running SC Enterprises has helped her negotiate Beyoncé’s Formation stadium tour and Rihanna’s Samsung deal. They say that when one stays in the company of millionaires, then they are bound to follow in the footsteps, and this applies to Desiree Perez.  Follow Dez on

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Challenged not only with debt but also other tough competitors such as Apple Music and Spotify, the Tidal app and streaming service is diversified in categories in a bid to score more young music clients focusing on new and upcoming music. The groups include Tidal Discovery- a list of new releases, Tidal Rising- including emerging artists and Tidal X- featuring exclusive live material. Check this on

Desiree Perez is a force of reckon in the industry. With Desiree’s management and such changes, all one is left to do is watch this space.  See also

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