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The Chainsmokers Interview With Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart

The Chainsmokers released their new track “Closer”, which features Halsey, who is a current star of the moment. This is the first single that features Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall singing. The duo singing in their own song is something new for them. Traditionally most Electronic Dance Music Artists do not sing in their own songs, as they really prefer to focus on the EDM beats. But Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are singing in an attempt to be recognized by the audience as a duo with real feelings, ideas, personalities, and emotions. The genre is too devoid of emotion, and often is not viewed by the audience as a group of artists, but rather just a collection of EDM landscapes.

Alex Pall was a DJ growing up, and it was his passion, as well as a part time job for him. He had somewhat of a career in New York City going for him, but it was a passion and not a full time career. Alex was at an art gallery when he realized that being a DJ was taking up a significant portion of his time. He was working with a manager that introduced him to Andrew, and that is how the duo got started.

Andrew Taggart was in college when he met Alex. He was a big fan of Electronic Dance Music, to the point where other students would mock him for his passion for that type of music. But later he noticed that those same people now go to many EDM concerts and are a fan of his music today. A few songs on SoundCloud encouraged the duo to keep going, and they also did a few concerts. They really took off into the main stream in 2015 when they released “Roses”. Since then, they are still an elite duo in the EDM genre of music.

The Chainsmokers Creating a Storm in the Music Industry with Their Popularity

The field of music has become highly competitive in recent past as more and more artists come to the fore to showcase their creativity. The audience has also grown highly choosy when it comes to music because of the number of options available these days. One of the DJ cum Production Duo that has been in the news lately for all the right reasons is The Chainsmokers. They came to limelight in 2014 when they first released their first song Selfie, which was a huge hit and continues to be a hit number. It is the popularity of their first publicly released song Selfie that helped them enter the mainstream music industry. Since then, The Chainsmokers has been unstoppable and has published many different singles that have topped the charts for weeks.

The Chainsmokers has also won the Grammy Music Awards for Best Dance Recording for their single Don’t Let me Down. The duo launched their first studio album in the year 2017 by the name of Memories, Do Not Open. Apart from winning the Grammy Awards, The Chainsmokers has also won American Music Awards and iHeartRadio Music Awards. The Chainsmokers consist of two talented artists by the name of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart and are managed by Adam Alpert. Presently, the Chainsmokers are winning the hearts of millions of people worldwide with their new song named Sick Boy, which they released in 2018. The Sick Boy has already been climbing the Billboards and charts gradually since it was launched.

Some other popular songs that were released by The Chainsmokers are Don’t Let me Down, Closer, Roses, and more. Their first two EP albums were Bouquet and Collage. The fact that both Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall has a background in music has helped them use their creativity in music production to the max, and create something new and different the people would love that. The Chainsmokers has been associated with significant labels such as Columbia, Sony, and Disruptor. Even though the first genre in which the Chainsmokers create their music is EDM and Pop, many of their songs are loved by rock music lovers as well.

Desiree is the best Leader ever to Lead Tidal

Today many young people are listening to the diverse music in the world through platforms such as online music streaming. Even the old people are finding it easy to access music online because here is where you can get quality music. Technology had advanced and affected how things were, and this has also been experienced in the music industry. There are different companies such as Sony, Spotify, iTune and many others that are offering the music streaming services. Tidal is a corporation that recently emerged, and it is making some fortunes since it begun.

It is Easy Mode of being entertained

Nowadays, you do not to waste a lot of resources to listen to music from diverse cultures of the world. If you are connected to the internet, and you have a computer, you can easily access the music and listen comfortably. Streaming music online is easy, and you do not have to learn or have any skills to hear the music. That is the reason why many of these companies are making real money because anyone can listen to the music. Jay-Z started music streaming business with the hope of making money like the other firms that have already established their platform.  More interesting news on

Stiff Competition

There is a stiff competition in the music streaming business, and a company that is just starting will face it. When Tidal began, it had to compete with firms such as Sony, Spotify, iTunes and Apple which had been doing well and had a great following. Jay-Z worked first on the leadership of the company which had dwindled. He decided to work with someone who has the right skills to take a business to great heights. That person had to be Desiree Perez.

Why Desiree Perez?

The reason why he picked Desiree to run the company is that he has worked with her for many years and knows what she can offer in running a business. She is someone who loves music and has the passion of helping the young stars who are struggling with their talent.  Hop over here.

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