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Founder of James River Capital on Managing Burnout

James River Capital Corp. is an independent investment company founded by the current Chairman and CEO Paul Sanders. Initially, the company was a department of Kidder, Peabody & Co. before being acquired by Sander in 1995 as an investment firm. Paul Sanders graduated with a BA from the University of Virginia and received an MBA from Chicago University. His role in the company has contributed to many diversification achievements due to his experience in the business as well as a rigid executive team behind him.


Helping Employees Fight Burnout


Paul Sanders in one of his articles highlights some of the crucial elements to help employees prevent the impacts of burnout. Burnout is a condition where employees undergo physical and emotional fatigue resulting from overworking or work-related stress. Despite humans being able to deal with anxiety naturally, some may exceed leading to lethargy, cynicism and reduced productivity. Some of the signs of burnout include loss of confidence, change in attitude and laziness much resulting from underappreciated employees in the company.


Tips to Prevent Burnout




Paul Sanders encourages employers to provide employees with a sense of control through enabling them to express their opinions while avoiding constrictions which make them feel helpless. For instance, employees should be given about 10-15 minutes to highlight some of the day’s objectives to accomplish thus motivating a degree of control during the workday. Stiff policies and tight schedules should always be avoided at any given time as they contribute to a reduced sense of control.




Negativity and antipathy at work from the management are other causes of burnout due to situations such as improper compensations and denied promotions. The administration should always be open in communication while offering precise results or feedbacks to the staff hence encouraging transparency. Besides, employees should be valued and treated equally at all times while notifying them on changes, and progresses of the company.


Providing Support in Managing Stresses


Long-term stresses are the most common causes of burnout resulting from employee work-related exhaustion. Sanders suggests that employers should always provide support services to help their employees manage stress through strategies such as workshops, strengthening communication and vacations or day off work. For instance, Sanders has offered his employees a free gym to make them work out and relax as a measure to prevent cases of burnout.


Regaining Confidence


Confidence is crucial for employees in any given company as it keeps them working hence enhancing operations. Employees with reduced confidence end up disengaging with work as well as struggling to keep up with the activities. As such it is essential to provide support to them through being honest, proactive and flexible as well as helping them in developing their goals at work. Similarly, help them in achieving their daily objectives which would eventually regain their confidence while maximizing company performance. Learn more:


“James River Capital, Changing Your Leadership Style “

James River Capital is a leading financial institution in the US. It provides services to US citizens on commodity trading and financial advisory. Paul Saunders works as the Principal of the company. Being a leader is not an in-built skill but rather an art that a person learns over time. According to Paul Saunders, not all people are leaders, but with the right skill set and mindset, they can be natured into great leaders. It takes a lot of time and dedication to be a great leader, and this process should not be rushed. If one is already a leader, there are changes they can make to their approach in leadership to become better leaders.


These strategies have been tested and have proved effective for individuals that want to be better leaders for their organizations and their teams. Paul Saunders recommends leaders to take the following approaches if they want to succeed as leaders.


Support instead of leading


This is a very crucial approach that big brands like Facebook also use in their leadership. This approach creates a mental shift that allows your team to view a leader as a partner and not a boss. In Facebook, the managers support their team rather than leading them. This involves guiding them on what to do instead of telling them what to do. Leading a team uses a more authoritative approach that affects the team member’s performance because they cannot work out of the jurisdiction provided to them. Try and support your team and witness the huge changes that will take place.


Always show encouragement and escalation.


If you want there to be room for collaboration, engagement, and innovation with your employees, a leader needs to encourage them. Most employees never give any critical feedback to their leaders because they are scared of the repercussions from the leader. This means the leader does not welcome escalation and is often harsh to employees which causes them to shut down. If a leader wants the team to work together and be creative, they need to encourage each team member always to speak and give their opinion. This ensures that employees feel safe to bring challenges and problems to you as the leader.


Team member’s opinion matters


An effective leader is one that treats every member of their team equally and gives them equal chances. This means no team member is being favored over the other and no opinions are being overlooked. If you have set up a meeting as a leader, encourage each member to speak up and give their feedback on matters at hand. Showing this level of support can cause a lot of impact on your team and leadership skills. Learn more:



“Business Industry Tips for Success and Longevity: James River Capital “

James River Capital is best known for their finical management services. James River Capital services individuals from all financial backgrounds. James River Capital has operated their corporation successfully for over 15 years. With 15 years of experience, the CEO of JRC has learned tips and tricks to create success within the industry. Everyday business tips are helpful for business owners and small companies. If employees do not trust their employer, they are less likely to come forward when there is an issue. In order to create a bond between employee ad employer, the leader must remain open and patient when issue arise. Learn more:


If the employer is impatient, stubborn and irrational when a company issue arises, employees will be hesitant to discuss future problems. Instead of discussing the issue, employees may try to hide or cover up the mistake. This can lead to greater problems down the line. Therefore, the most effective solution is for employers to create a safe environment when discussing all company endeavors. Another important tip to create successful employees is proper training. When employees receive high quality training, they are able to preform at their ultimate capacity.


If the employee receives subpar or mediocre training, they will not be able to fully represent the company values and message. Proper training can take anywhere from a few months to an entire year. Depending upon the difficulty of the position, more time is needed. If the position is straightforward, training can happen quickly. If the individual has prior training in the industry, they can adapt easily. For this reason, many employers request a minimum of three years experience in other similar positions. When an employer is looking to hire employees, they send out a job listing with this type of information.


They may request the employee has a degree in the specific field as well as training, experience and certification. Once the base criteria has been met, the individual is typically considered for the position during the next phase. If the individual is chosen to fulfill the position, he or she may need time to adjust to the flow of the new company. Training is one of the most important aspects to creating a successful roster of employees. This can eliminate the dilemma that arises from improper training. Communication, training, respect and professionalism are the main traits needed to create a cohesive, organized and collective company.


“James Rivers Capital on How To Handle Burnout “

Paul Saunders is an experienced individual that has a deep passion for investment banking. He has his firm the James Rivers Capital that he founded back in 1995. Before he got to the position of Principal at the firm, Paul Saunders held different positions in the company and worked his way up. Paul Saunders is known for being an excellent investment banker and trader. He has made successful strides in investment and James Rivers Capital is worth millions. Paul Saunders is also philanthropic, and he has had several charity organizations that he has been involved in. Paul Saunders gave his thoughts on workplace burnout.


Western societies experience burnout more than any other society in the world, and it takes a toll on them. Burnout at the workplace causes a reduction in the manufacturing process and the lack of motivation which can lead to the incompletion of tasks. Paul Saunders believes that burnout in the workplace can be reduced if the employers take the necessary precautions when they see burnout. Employees can experience burnout because of stress and pressure both at home and work and Paul Saunders states that this can be taken care off.


The following are some of the precautions that employers can take when they see the early warning signs of workplace burnout.


  1. A shift in attitude


More often than not, when employees experience workplace burnout, they tend to shift their attitude at work. If they were jovial and had a good mood at work, this suddenly changes, and they have negative feelings and are moody at work. Once as an employee you begin noticing these traits it is time to step in and offer support towards the employees. This support will motivate them and also the employee can encourage them to take up a hobby.


  1. Fixed schedule


Most organizations believe that employees work best when there is a fixed schedule. This, however, is not true, organizations that have fixed schedule are more likely to experience burnout than organizations that do not. This is because the employees fell constricted and helpless. Make sure your work schedule as an employer is flexible and it allows the employees to be free and creative.


  1. Transparency


If you are wondering why your employees do not trust you and have negative attitudes towards the employers, it might be because there is no transparency in the organization. Transparency is essential as it creates trust and shows the employees they are valued members in the organization. It is thus vital that employers are transparent with their employees to eliminate burnout.




Burnout is a severe issue that affects many people in the workplace. The warning signs should be noted early for it to be curbed. Learn more:


“James River Capital Success Tips “

Paul Saunders is the principal and founder of James River Capital Corp. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Saunders talked about burnout as an important issue affecting employees. He has worked with a team to develop James River Capital to where it is today. His colleagues describe him as focused, passionate, and caring. Paul Saunders believes that employees are the most valuable people in a company.


Life can be stressful, and when mixed with stress from work, chances of burnout are high. Employers should pay attention to signs of burnout and act before it is too late. Below are steps employers can take to help employees showing signs of burnout.


Open communication


Feel trapped and confused when they do not know what is happening. The risk of burnout is high when employees feel they are being overlooked for roles or promotions. Poor communication can lead to negative feelings and burnout. To prevent this, employers should be honest and open.


Moreover, employees should not be denied promotions when they deserve it. Withholding information from employees create resentment and ultimately burnout. Managers should provide resources to deal with burnout.




Having a fixed timetable or plan for employees can lead to burnout. They can be frustrated and anxious when they do not meet set goals. Moreover, having a fixed schedule prevents employees from realizing their full potential. To prevent burnout arising from inflexible policies, managers should allow employees to draft goals they want to achieve for each day. Allowing employees to decide what they want to do for the day gives the control and eases burnout.




Employees may be having personal issues which contribute to burnout. Emotions are difficult to control when you are stressed. Instead, you are easily agitated and irritable. Burnout causes negativity, moodiness and lack of motivation. Managers can help employees by offering support and encouraging them to do what they love. Many people like carrying home, and this can lead to burnout. Employees are advised to disconnect from work once at home. Spending time with loved ones helps you relax and ease stress.




Lack of confidence can lead to burnout. Employees who feel they are not capable may disengage from work due to negative feelings. Managers can help employees regain confidence by supporting their personal growth. Employees cannot be productive when having personal issues. Learn more:


Furthermore, managers can set small achievable goals for employees to restore their confidence. Support is crucial when dealing with burnout. Managers should care about the wellbeing of employees.


Burnout is a big issue in developed countries. Managers should encourage and uplift employees showing signs of burnout. If burnout comes from overworking, employers should talk to individual employees to find a solution.


Types of Successful Leadership Improvement Plans as Advocated by James River Capital

James River Capital’s types of Leadership Styles


According to James River Capital, leadership is said to be an art and as a science as well. This is chiefly because it involves a lot of skill and gradual development to make a good manager for any given team. In fact, there has been a lot of exploration on the leadership subject by researchers to try and find out the most valuable and effective styles of management. What’s more, in agreement with the research analysis the three leadership styles can be described as follows:


  1. Instead of Leading, Support the Team


This kind of management is emulated from the Facebook type of leadership that focuses on an analytical mentality shift. What this means is that instead of leading teams, they offer their support to them. This is especially important to the leaders as through shifting the mentality, they are able to interact with the teams from a different level as it creates a scenario of a kind of parallel kind of communication.


  1. Encourage and Invite Escalation


Based on recent research, 85% of company workers hold back critical information from their managers. This is primarily because most employees suspect that sharing critical feedback may lead them into trouble, hence withholding information that would otherwise be of benefit to the company. The withholding of information again can have adverse effects on the company as it can cause stagnation of the company where employees do not collaborate or engage with their bosses. The main solution to this kind of scenario would be encouraging the workers and inviting them to share their sentiments by showing appreciation for it.


  1. Welcoming all Opinions


A leader who supports the team instead of leading them promotes the free flow of information from workers. This helps in the elimination of any obstructions that could prevent the growth and development of the company. The approach on this kind of leadership style should incorporate the employees where the manager should engage workers to air their opinions during meetings. Also, as the meeting proceeds one will notice that some people may be talkative while others may be quiet where as the leader one should engage the less talkative individuals without being forceful.


About James River Capital


The company was established in 1986 where it was previously known as KP Futures Management Corp. The role of the organization was to serve as an alternative department in the investment section of the Kidder, Peabody & Co, Inc. Further, it would later be purchased by Paul Saunders and his partner Kevin Brandt in 1995 where it became an independent investment organization. Equally important, the company again serves in the area of investment advisory in conjunction with SEC, besides acting as a Commodity Pool Operator and Commodity Trading Advisor with CFTC. In addition, the organization provides services related to commodity trading, advisory, and investment management.

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Philip Diehl of US Money Reserve Speaks About Value of Gold in Podcast


Philip Diehl, the current president of US Money Reserve recently voiced his opinions about the state of gold in a podcast. Diehl views gold as a great long-term investment that people can use as a hedge against political instability in the world. Over the past several years four major factors have affected the value of gold.

First and foremost the financial collapse of 2008 sent investors piling in to gold as they were looking for somewhere same to put their money. Around the same time gold ETFs were created which helped add liquidity to the gold market, and at the same time, contributed to a rise in gold sales.

The rise in the dollar has also led to a rise in demand for gold from other countries. In particular, China and India have accounted for 65% of recent gold purchases. The final factor that has influenced the recent gold market has been speculation taken by investors on US monetary policy.

However, these events have all come to pass. Going forward Diehl sees a few major events that will likely have a noticeable impact on gold prices. The growing middle class, but more importantly the growing middle class in BRIC countries, combined with increased political instability could lead to a major increase in gold.

Another big potential event that could drive the price down and thus fuel demand would be the eventual decline of the US dollar. Diehl believes it is only a matter of time until this occurs, because what comes up must eventually go back down. When this happens the sinking dollar will take the price of gold right back down with it which will lead to an excellent buying opportunity for investors.

However, serious investors should not be too concerned with these events. Gold should be held for the long-term, in order to act as insurance in the case of political instability.

Diehl suggests that those interested in learning more could speak to a US Money Reserve gold specialist in order to get expert, up-to-date information on the topic. US Money Reserve is the largest distributor of United States government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins. This means that the weight and purity of each coin is guaranteed by the biggest economy in the world. This gives customers peace of mind that they may not be able to achieve with overseas distributors, some of whom have recently been caught selling counterfeit gold rounds.

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US Money Reserve President Thinks it is Time to Get Rid of the Penny

In a recent PR Newswire article the merits of the penny were discussed. US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl was adamant in his opinion that the penny needs to be discontinued. Not only is this waste of a coin costing our country’s taxpayers over $100 million annually, it is worth so little that it is not even worth your time to bend over and pick one up anymore.

Proponents of the penny argue that getting rid of the penny would spur inflation and price increases across the board. However, Diehl believes many companies would round down in price in order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Also, three quarters of today’s transactions take place digitally rather than with cash, a fact which helps to further negate the necessity of the penny.

Another argument for getting rid of the penny is that the nickel should be discontinued as well because it costs over 9 cents. However the nickel could still be made with cheaper materials to help lower the cost, whereas the penny is already 97.5 percent zinc. Some of the main forces behind the arguments for keeping the penny are trying to protect their own business interests. These include the people who create the blanks for pennies and the zinc lobby.

Diehl is the president of the US Money Reserve. The US Money Reserve is the nation’s largest purveyor of U.S. government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins. The organization has over 100 experts on hand to assist individuals who want to expand their portfolios by investing in precious metals. The Money Reserve offers these services as a way for people to help protect themselves against inflation as well as other economic factors. By investing in precious metals individuals can be assured that their money will hold its value and increase much more often that paper currency which can be affected by geopolitical events and a variety of other factors.