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New York Daily News is Up For Sale

The New York Daily News is up for sale. Mort Zuckerman, the owner of the paper, released a statement Thursday announcing his intentions to sell the paper.

In the statement, Zuckerman says that he was approached by a buyer who asked if he might potentially be interested in parting with the paper. While he didn’t have any immediate plans to do so, he brought the idea in front of the board and investors who decided to explore the possibility.

After some discussion, Diario Do Comercio says the group came to the decision to part with the paper. Zuckerman notes in his memo that during the sale process he will ensure that the paper makes the right moves not only for its future, but also for the future of its employees. He also notes that the Daily News is currently in one of the best places it’s ever been, particularly with its online presence.

Why Choose BRL Trust Investments

BRL Trust Investments was founded and established in the year 2005 and since then, it has only experienced growth. Acting as an intervening trust since it started, BRL Trust Investments saw itself having upwards of 100 loans within the first year of its operation. The reasons for this success are many. Its initial growth was measured and contained, and BRL Trust Investments chose to gain exceptional command over every avenue it explored. Soon after its humble beginnings, the Trust expanded to other areas like management and administration of investments, capital markets and acquisitions. Despite this fast growth, segregation and specialization of activities has always been BRL Trust Investments’ motto.


The following are some areas where services are offered by BRL Trust Investments –


  • Trustee Services – Because capital markets are becoming more sophisticated day by day, BRL Trust Investments offers reliable and safe services for the growing demand of investors. Under the trustee services of BRL Trust Investments, operations – starting from control and monitoring to even collection – are undertaken with the help of the Asset Control System, also called ‘SCA’. The rich database of SCA has over 300 companies and 20,000 customers.


  • Fund Administration – Having authorization from CVM Securities Commission, BRL Trust Investments also offers fund management and administration services. Various structured and innovative transactions have been carried out by the company. Currently, BRL Trust Investments administers about 96 funds and the NAV reaches R$ 17.98 billion. The administered funds include FI 409, FIC FIP, FIDC, FII, FIP and FUNCINE. Since 2013, the NAV of the administered funds of BRL Trust Investments has not gone under R$ 16 billion.


  • Fund Controlling and Custody – Having CVM’s authorization in providing custodial and controlling services for investment funds, BRL Trust Investments provides outstanding solutions in both the areas. The Trust’s custodial services include cash settlement, controlling of lending operations, controlling of corporate events like interest, dividend, and other services. The controlling services include standardization of information and reports, controlling redemptions and investments, accounting for investment fund events, asset pricing, tax control, tax payment, share profitability et al.


  • Asset and Resource Management – BRL Trust Investments also offers asset and resource management solutions to individuals and institutions on a global scale. It has managed assets and funds of all clients, keeping the client needs and requirements in mind, and doing the work pretty diligently and efficiently.


  • Asset Underwriting – Underwriting solutions are also offered by BRL Trust Investments for preparing individuals and institutions who might be domiciled anywhere in the world (including Brazil) for raising allocation funds for structured deals such as debentures, agribusiness receivables, real estate receivables. This solution is also available for participating in issuing of investment fund quotas. BRL Trust Investments always looks for the qualified investor’s best option and keeps risk profiles in mind while offering services and solutions.


Whether their services are required for investment funds, ombudsman, fiduciary or institutional reasons, BRL Trust Investments can be contacted through the contact page on the website. Phone or email support is also offered in case of any issues. BRL Trust Investments is there to make investors’ lives easier at all times.