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The Brown Agency Celebrates A New Chapter

John Brown’s Vision For The Future

John Brown created his modeling agency with the goal of expanding the opportunities for modeling seeking to make a career in one of the most challenging industries in the world. He was able to pull this off, but his ultimate vision is only finally coming into light. Now, the Brown Agency has offices across the United States and an eye towards giving models opportunities that have never dreamed possible.

Giving Models The Ultimate Chance

The different between the Brown Modeling Agency and other firms is the training and the prestige it offers. Before he started his modeling agency Brown was already well connected to many important figures and this gave him a chance to offer models gigs they wouldn’t find anywhere else. He works with companies as large as Dell and as diverse as Louis Vuitton. Obviously, before models can start their careers they need training, but his agency offers everything models need in order to make it in the modeling industry. There simply isn’t any other agency out there that can compare to John Brown’s

How The Brown Agency Stacks Up

The Brown Agency offers more than the traditional runway modeling often associated with the industry. Models can enter everything from commercials to theater acts thanks to the Brown Agency. The variety of options allows models to explore various areas of the industry and decide what they want for themselves. Additionally, the Brown Agency serves parts of the country previously underserved by the modeling industry. It has offices in Austin, Texas for an example of this. Being everywhere at all times is exactly how John Brown was able to pull of the success he has and so far it doesn’t seem as if he’s looking back.

Where Things Are Headed

The Brown Agency is a success and the future suggest this will only grow. He has expanded into territory he has never seen, but he still isn’t satisfied with the results. He wants to go even further and try to make the Brown Agency a household name.