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Reliving The Dream

Sergio Cortes is probably the best known Michael Jackson imitator. His striking physical resemblance combined with his more than 30 years of mimicking make him almost indistinguishable. This fact combined with the professionalism with which he handles himself make him a legend by his rights. He lives the MJ dream by entertaining fans all over the world.
Mr Cortes was born on July 30th, 1971 in Barcelona Spain. He comes from a family of 8 siblings. Since a young age, he showed a remarkable resemblance to Michael. In his childhood, one of his brothers came with a Jackson 5 tape. That marked the change of his life. He started to watch the star and his dance moves obsessively. He also began to try to walk like him and talk like him. This child hood obsession turned to a career as a teenager by chance. At the age of 16, Michael had visited Spain and Cortes went to see him. He was dressed like him and a journalist noticed that. He was immediately hired to act as a double to Michael to fool the press. It marked his start as a career double.
Sergio has been extremely successful by all means. He has built a brand around himself. He profiles himself as the one who will deliver like Michael and throws in extra songs Michael never performed in real life.
His sets include dancers, back-up singers, stage managers and an entirely professional audio and video team. He has marketing and a promotional team that organises and hypes his events. It has seen him have a remarkable efficiency in his operations. His shows are sold out. He is today a local celebrity in Brazil where he lives. His biggest fan base is in Latin America. His team is currently promoting all over the world where he is expected to grow.
Not much is known about Sergio off stage. He has managed to maintain a very private life. He is known to live alone with very few friends. He is single currently but once had a girlfriend. He loves Dolls and action figures. He is a gifted graphics designer and has won local awards. He has a Yorkshire dog named Zaffy.He has had her since she was a puppy. Surprisingly he doesn’t have an M.J favourite song.