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Mike Braun Wins Republican Nomination In Indiana

Mike Braun was recently announced as the winner of the Republican nomination in Indiana, he’ll now move on to face off against Senator Joe Donnelly (D) in November. Braun is a businessman and his win stands to prove that maybe President Trump has not been able to satisfy the desire for political outsiders to take over.


Braun both founded and served as the CEO for Meyer Distributing and also owns Meyer Logistics. His business background allowed him to offer employment to thousands of Americans across the country as his companies do serve all 50 states with locations in 38 of them. While Braun has a lengthy and impressive business history, he also has some political experience under his belt. He has served on both his local schoolboard and the state legislature. One of his biggest talking points during his campaign was that he believes the state needs his Hoosier know-how, not another career politician.


Braun faced off against two worthy opponents, Representative Luke Messer and Representative Todd Rokita, both of whom have made a career out of politics. All three of the men pledged to support and uphold the agenda President Trump has laid out, which was a logical move considering President Trump won Indian in 2016 by 19 percentage points. Braun had an extra ace up his sleeve that likely helped him edge out the competition, while he followed President Trump’s popular agenda that took Indiana, Braun also played on the fact that he and President Trump have similar business careers, and both are looking to make some changes and “drain the swamp”.


Now that Braun has won the Republican nomination, he’ll move on to the next round and face off against Donnelly who is a Democrat finishing his first term. Donnelly holds a moderate reputation, and is thought to be one of the most vulnerable people in the Senate who is running for re-election in 2018. Time will tell who will win as these men face off, they have a few months to campaign and work towards their goal before voters head to the polls in November. For more information and details, click here.