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Goran Dragic Becomes Face of Miami Future

The Miami Heat have been Dwyane Wade’s team since the 2003 draft saw him land on their roster. Since then Wade has racked up Finals MVP awards, several championships, and a host of All Star appearances. Along the way Wade made the Miami Heat a relevant franchise even when they weren’t winning or even competing much. Now it looks like it is his time to slide offer as Miami looks focused on paying their next big contract to Goran Dragic.

While Dwyane Wade and the Heat are still trying to work together some sort of continuation together, the Heat made it a priority to resign Goran Dragic and in short order. Miami acquired Dragic from the Suns last season with a mid year trade that required the Heat to dish out two 1st round picks. In doing so Miami made it clear that they were committing to the player long term.

Dragic acquired for himself a five year contract worth upwards of $90 million dollars. Sergio Cortes said that this is the same deal that players like Jimmy Butler and Draymond Green ended up getting. While we understand the need to pay up for a guy like Dragic, the money itself is inflated for a 29 year old point guard who seems destined to average 15 points and 6 assists.

Still, Miami believes in the guard and needs continuity in their rebuilding phase. However, we think it likely that this deal becomes sour within a few years.