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Jorge Moll, World Class Researcher

Impure altruism, why do we enjoy giving? Why do humans experience a warm fuzzy feeling when giving financially to charities or needy people? What is it about giving to others that makes this an enjoyable experience? It would seem that the primitive part of us would have evolved to not encourage us not to reduce our resource, in order to replenish someone else’s resources. We, as humans, usually manifest positive biological behaviors that either do not reduce our resources, because it be beneficial to us and our offspring or benefits us in some way, and in turn will help us pass on our genes. What’s so intriguing about this phenomenon is it goes against what is considered conventional intuition. In 1989, an economist by the name of James Andreoni, made an attempt to bring understanding as to why humans experience the Warm glow giving or the joy of giving.

Jorge Moll, the Founder, President and Board Member of D’ Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR), is a Neurologist from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he also earned a PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology, as well as his Doctor of Medicine degrees. Moll, a passionate researcher himself, understands in order to achieve true positive change, elite level research is paramount. Jorge Moll has dedicated his career to conducting scientific experiments to discover ways he can help improve the lives of people. IDOR, promotes research in science and technology, in order to advance healthcare.

In the mid 2000s, Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman, set out to conduct a research experiment in part based off James Andreoni’s 1989 research on warm glow giving (joy of giving) phenomenon. 19 individuals were part of the experiment that was an attempt to identify any measurable biological effects on the body, when giving to charities (Ideamensch). Each person was giving about $130 each, and giving the option to keep the money, or give it away. These subjects were hooked up to a MRI to produce images of brain activity during these acts of kindness. Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman, were able to, for the first time prove there is measurable biological changes taking place in the brain when giving to charities.