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Senator From Indiana Submits Medical Marijuana Bill

There have been numerous questions whether 2017 will be the year that medical marijuana will be finally legalized in Indiana. Karen Tallian is pushing for the bill to receive approval in the General Assembly. The senator is pushing for a statewide medical marijuana program. The Senate Bill 255 will allow medical marijuana to be used by patients suffering from migraines, post-traumatic stress disorder, and glaucoma. They will have access to the drug under the prescription of a licensed physician. If the bill is passed, patients with chronic illnesses will also be allowed to used medical marijuana. However, a doctor has to approve of its use.


The bill proposes the creation of a Department of Marijuana Enforcement (DOME) to oversee the program. The department will have an advisory committee that would determine different provisions of the program and inclusion of other related conditions. Tallian has brought up the bill six times. However, the proposal has not received a hearing because of rejection from the Republican-dominated legislature. Tallian is a Democrat.


Last year, Tallian said that she would seek strong support from the Republican legislators. She later expressed her delight of having a lot of votes on the Republican supporters. The legislator has enormous support from the American Legion Department of Indian. The organization is hoping to convince the General Assembly of considering the use of medical marijuana.


Jeff Staker urged the legislators to listen to the veterans. He said that the veterans had a better chance of getting the legislators’ attention. A poll by WTHR shows that 73 percent of the residents of Indiana support the legalization of medical marijuana. It would be a hard task for Tallian’s bill to pass through the General Assembly smoothly. Moreover, Governor Eric Holcomb is unlikely to sign the bill to become law.