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Jeff Aronin’s Biotechnical Position in the Production of New Medical Drugs for Patients

At Paragon Biosciences Jeff Aronin is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman, and has dedicated his medical career mission to finding treatments for patients who are in need. Jeff Aronin has used new technologies and breakthrough science to develop new ways to identify what is causing disease. Paragon Biosciences is a business that is set up in order to bring medicine to the patient ( There are new drugs being approved and created by very talented medical workers. The company is composed of numerous experts who spend their time developing new drugs that will be for pharmaceutical companies such as Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals also known as CCP for short. The Paragon Biosciences will be devoted to new sciences that will benefit the patient. There are many resources that these professionals provide for not only the patient, but also for families as well. This is creating more health options for people, and giving more hope for cures to diseases. Aronin’s career and successes have brought him to working with many medical companies, and designing an innovative team. Aronin’s strategy team is also comprised of medical professional workers from Harmony Biosciences. Overall, the creation for increasing knowledge about rare diseases and central nervous system disorders, is on the rise through Aronin’s company, as well as knowing more in the health education. The medical field is trying to provide patients with new medicines, that are being perfected by the companies such as Paragon Biosciences for the medicine market. Harmony Biosciences is very interested in studying the H3 receptor which plays a main role in some diseases. Since new studies are being done by these companies, there is always new information to be distributed to the masses and the public. It is important to note, that Aronin’s achievements have helped save lives across the globe.