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Indiana’s Ongoing Nominations for 2017’s Top Worker

Once again, it’s that time of the year where the state of Indiana honors workers who are dedicated to helping young people. The youth is considered an essential group in a country’s population. There are many people who strive to improve the lives of young people living in Indiana. One of these people will receive the 2017 Youth Worker of the Year Award.

This year’s award will be dedicated to honoring those who work to help the youth of Hoosier. It’s also aimed at encouraging people to work with kids in the state of Indiana. One of the recipients of this award, Laura Ingram, revealed that there is little funding to hold the award event. However, she commended Indiana’s local government for supporting such events. Ms. Ingram is Pride Prism Youth Community’s program director. She’s a foster parent as well as a therapist. Laura received the Youth Worker of the Year award in 2015. She used the award money to support various LGBTQ initiatives.

According to Ingram, Indiana still has a long way to go, with regard to working with LGBTQ youth. She asserted that the government needs to create safe environments for the LGBTQ community. Laura urged Indiana’s leadership to focus on helping young people living in rural counties. Also, she gave some advice to those who want to work with kids as well as young adults. She said that it’s important to listen to the youth while working with them. Ms. Ingram youth believes that this is a great way to teach young people how to lead.

Residents of Indiana are required to submit their nominations by 14th August, 2017. The nomination forms are available on Indiana Youth Institute’s webpage. The winner of the award will be announced on 2nd October. Also, he/she will be given $2,500 to go with the award. D. Susan Wisely Leadership Fund will offer the award money to the recipient in full. The organization operates under the Central Indiana Community Foundation.