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David Meeter breaks Indiana record for largest whitefish

Dustin Meteer went out for a pleasant fishing trip with his friends on Lake Michigan at the end of April. The Indiana resident did not expect to set a record for harvesting the largest whitefish caught in the state. Although Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources only recently established a category for the species, people have managed to make it into the record books six times, according to

The Burns Harbor resident looked surprised when he reeled a 25.5 inch, 6 pound fish into the boat. When he harvested the animal, he had no idea that he might have broken a record. He simply believed he had had a great fishing day. Meeter may have never known he had broken a record if a friend had not told him he should look the record up.

Instead of checking the record right away, the now record-holding fisherman simply took the fish home and put it in his refrigerator. The fish might have stayed in the refrigerator. What does the angler plan to do with it? Despite being happy with the breaking the state record, Meeeter expressed some disappointment. He believes a fish he caught last year might have broken a record as well.

What about the whitefish? It will not head to the frying pan or to the oven. Meeter plans to have it mounted and hand it on his wall. He will need to use another whitefish to feed his family wild game.