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Contribution of Ricardo Tosto in Brazil Law

Brazil is among the top countries with a high number of lawyers and law schools. Brazil law is based on the statutes and the federal constitution which is the supreme legislation of the country. The constitution became effective since 1988.The law course is promising and prestigious making it have the highest number of enrollments each year. It takes five years for an undergraduate to be equipped with all the information related to law and to graduate. The Brazilian Bar Education approves lawyers who then get registered by the government to carry out the law practices.

In the year 2010, the total lawyers in Brazil were 621,900. The courts of justice have headquarters in the capital of each state. Each court has a judge and an assistant judge who assists each other in carrying out judgment and duties of maintaining law and order. The Brazilian law is derived from Portuguese civil law and roman-Germanic legal tradition.

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer in occupation and a Brazilian in nationality. He was born on March 11, 1963. He graduated in Mackenzie University with a degree in law and has an extension course in business administration from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado[FAAP]. He is among the greatest entrepreneurs in Brazil law and is a partner of leite, Tosto Barros e Advogados, one of the main law firms in Brazil. He advocated for multinational groups, political ideologies, and many non-governmental and governmental organizations. He equipped many of his colleagues who joined the company with skills. Furthermore, he formulates strategies, supervises the conduct of most important causes in the care of the business, and gathering the results.

In the field of public law, he was involved in the Maluf campaign where he was to find a possible response and precise applications by keeping a team monitoring radio and television programs. Flavio was the board member of BNDES from August 2007 to April 2008 as a nominee of Forca dical. Flavio is a determined and a committed person whose major aim in life is equality and transparent in all legal matters. Flavio is also an author of many published law journals.

Accusations against Laidlaw

LaidLaw is a high ranked investment banking firm which supports a multitude of different companies within the business sector. Recently it has been released that one of their top ranking clients, Relmada Therapeutics Incorporated, has moved forward with a lawsuit in Nevada against the investment bank. This lawsuit has stemmed from recent monetary losses that the company has faced in what they blame LaidLaw for. The lawsuit also includes multiple accusations of contract breaches. LaidLaw stands by its professionalism and denies these claims but that Relmada has sought a restraining order from the company in order to protect itself from possible future harm.

LaidLaw has been serving both the domestic and international business fronts for over 170 years. Their leading company officials Matthew Eitner and James Ahern have helped move the company forward into new levels of globalization, supporting a host of different corporations both well situated and fledgling, in a number of investment advisory services.

One of the key focal points of LaidLaw is to ensure that their clients are able to make a profit on their investment choices. This means direct diversification of investment options in order to not spread investment money too thin. These reliable and highly favored advising suggestions come from LaidLaws elite class of working professionals; men and women who are highly trained and specialized to give correct and efficient advice to clients looking to broaden their business horizons.

The accusations brought upon LaidLaw by Relmada is, in my personal opinion, baseless and should be primarily swept under the rug. The company has built for itself a strong reputation that can be attributed to a customer driven culture of professionalism, and these accusations against them can not be possibly true. There needs to be a call to re-evaluate what Relmada has said.