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Recovery Continues After Tornado in Kokomo, Indiana

Two weeks have passed since a devastating tornado did an enormous amount of damage to the city of Kokomo, Indiana. There were many businesses and houses that were completely destroyed by the twister. Residents are still in the process of trying to wrap their minds around what happened. Owners of houses that were not leveled have not been able to get repairs started because there are not enough contractors in the area to meet the high demand. Many contractors from surrounding areas and other states are making the trip to Kokomo because they see an opportunity to make money. Residents are being advised to make sure that any contractor they hire to repair their home has a valid license and is covered by insurance.

The cleanup process is going very well when you consider the extent of the damage that was suffered by the area. The vast majority of tree debris has been removed. Damage to power lines has been completely repaired and electricity has been restored to residents who lost it during the storm. The streets are now beginning to look normal again for the first time since the twister unleashed its fury.

One of the biggest reasons why the cleanup of Kokomo has gone so smoothly has been the participation of volunteers. Many people from other areas have pitched in to help clean up streets and the parking lots of local businesses. City officials estimate that the cleanup would have taken at least two weeks longer if these volunteers did not pitch in.