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Kohl’s Creates Hundreds of Jobs in Indiana

Things are looking up for the economy in the state in Indiana. The past couple of years have been rough as many large companies have laid off thousands of workers around the state. However, 900 new jobs will be created thanks to the the opening of a distribution center for the Kohl’s department store chain. It will be located in the city of Plainfield and handle the shipment of items for the online portion of the Kohl’s company.

The distribution center will be housed in a building that the company bought several months ago. It is roughly 930,000 square feet. The projected time frame for the distribution center to open is June or July of next year. Kohl’s has released a statement saying that it will be hiring 600 people to work at the distribution center on a part-time basis. The remaining 300 people will be full-time employees. A complete list of all the positions that will be available can be found on the Kohl’s website. People interested in applying for a job at the new facility should go to the site to find out more information.

The purpose of the new distribution center is to allow Kohl’s to deliver online orders much faster than they have in the past. The goal of the company is to have the new facility fully operational before the 2017 Christmas season. This appears very likely because the building is already equipped with many of the things that Kohl’s will require to operate their facility effectively.