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SahmAdrangi: A Young Hedge Fund Manager with a Daring Attitude

Young but accomplished- that is the best definition anyone can get for Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital Management. At only 35, he has done what some seasoned hedge fund investors and managers fear to even try their hands on.  The company is small regarding size and human resource, but SahmAdrangi manages to stand-in for a handful of professionals. His experience on Wall Street is enough to give legendary financial firms a good run for their money. After going the full cycle from a hedge manager fund manager, to a credit trader, credit portfolio manager, and lastly to a credit analyst, Sahm decided to take a break from active investment life. In his what many would call a sabbatical, he manages his firm- Kerrisdale Capital Management.

Dominating Wall Street

For over a decade working as a hedge fund manager, Adrangi worked with three top-level funds. Among the hedge funds that he managed were Paulson & Co and Longacre hedge fund, with the latter having been worth over $3 billion. As for the former, SahmAdrangi managed to master the art of shorting mortgage bonds, and by the end of his stay there, he had already raised the fund’s worth to over $6 billion. Having achieved all that, he saw it wise to throw the towel into the ring and call it a day. As of whether he will find his way back to Wall Street, it will be his personal decision to make. He, however, has made a good fortune from his role at Kerrisdale Capital Management.

More about Adrangi

In April last year, Adrangi was at it again doing what he does best- doing what is ordinarily considered impossible. He led his team at Kerrisdale Capital in raising over $100 million over a record short time, with the aim of investing in a $10 billion public company later. He developed websites for the company and marketed it far and wide, eventually winning over potential investors.

Adrangi became a professional economist 15 years ago after acquiring his B.A from Yale University. He then spent a couple of his early career days working for Deutsche Bank. Before moving to New York, Adrangi was working in Los Angeles as an analyst for Chanin Capital Partners. Adrangi established his firm in 2009.