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Kabbalah Centre Teachings

In order to take your life to new levels of understanding, one of the best things you can do is embrace a spiritual teaching. The Kabbalah is one of the versions of spiritual teaching that many people gravitate toward for a lot of different reasons. In order to learn a little bit more about this area of faith, you should read on and factor in these points of view.

What exactly is the Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is a spiritual teaching that revolves around the Torah, while taking more of an esoteric slant. The faith teaches that the old testament is about us and speaks in an esoteric way to learn more about our souls and connection to each other.

What are some things that the Kabbalah teaches?

#1: We are all connected

The main teaching you will see at the Kabbalah Centre and everywhere else it is taught is that every human being is connected. We come from the same source and this transcends any differences that we have.

#2: Embrace life’s pleasures

Other forms of religion are heavy on abstinence, while the teachings taught at the Kabbalah Centre focus on knowing the after life is important, while embracing this world. For instance — that piece of cake with your wife could be a great way to forge love when your intention is in the right place.

#3: Clothing is important

Something as simple as clothing that you wear can be an act of expression and giving. Dress yourself in a way that lets you be the highest version of yourself. The Kabbalah centre was founded in Los Angeles in 1984 by Philip Berg. It is a teaching that has taken on worldwide notoriety – particularly in recent years. People who go to the Kabblah Centre experience are able to take advantage of a number of different courses and build community. If you are looking to visit the Kabbalah Centre, visit the website and don’t hesitate to stop by.

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