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Going Beyond the Job

James William McDonald, who was better known as Bill or Dr. Bill, a Hardinsburg veterinarian passed away Monday January 2. As the news of his unexpected death traveled, the stories traveled too. In his 47 years, Bill impacted a lot of people, all of who have nothing but kind, caring words to share about their memories of him.

He was a veterinarian in the very small southern Indiana town and of course loved animals, including those in the area shelters and rescues. He never said no, if someone reached out, in need of help. The father of 3 would often bring his children along on weekend or evening calls to help an animal in need, teaching them not just how to care for the hurt or sick animal, but also showing them first hand how to help, to spread love however, where ever you can.

He gave his all to what he loved. Many who used him as their veterinarian shared stories of how he cared more about the animals than making money. He would cut prices, regardless of how expensive a surgery or medicine may run; he never hesitated to charge less, if it meant helping an animal that otherwise would not be able to be helped. Often he would write off bills and charges for his services through the shelters and rescues, out of the goodness of his heart without ever asking or expecting anything in return.