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Louis Chenevert: The Business Giant Who Took to the Sea

Louis Chenevert is passionate about building yachts, and this isn’t a surprise. He is a semi-retired from the operation of some prominent corporations such as UTC (United Technologies Corporation) as well as General Motor. He has gained massive experience in this industry. This experience makes him suitable and fit for his task of yacht building. In a recent interview, he stated that in everything he get in touch with, he is passionate about it. He declared that he loves technology and he is ever ready to try building a boat with the current advanced technology which stands to be a great challenge.

Louis Chenevert also highlighted that it is not easy to build a yacht. Building yacht takes passion and the will to dig deeper into more details on the construction process. As we speak, he has just managed to construct three yachts. These yachts include a Horizon P105, a Horizon 85 and a Hatteras 63. A Horizon P105 is the latest vessel that Chenevert has built. He named this yacht the Debbie Lou. This yacht is highly modified with electronics and commercial-grade equipment as well as a helm station that would impress any captain.

To make this construction a success, he worked with Horizon which stands to be the famous yacht company. Since the yacht builder was conversant with his previous requirements, he was able to work with them to make sure that Debbie Lou acknowledges his explicit specifications. He visited various companies based in Taiwan severally within three years. Louis Chenevert was present for a couple of months during the yacht construction as his marine surveyor intensively supervised on some of the boats structural and fiberglass work. Apart from these procedures, he comprehensively explained about the yacht in the conference calls with Horizon.

Louis Chenevert is 6 feet 6 inches in height. This height factor led him to contract this particular yacht with the proper command ergonomics and viewing angles. Louis Chenevert decided to trade notes with his captain via a mutual Dropbox account to get the best equipment specifications for safety. He Transacted CAD drawings to his captain so that he could hold virtual meetings regarding specific design detailed information that was so crucial to him.


Shervin Pishevar Tweeted Grim Predictions for the Future of US Economy

Shervin Pishevar made some pretty grim predictions about bonds, the stock market, big US companies, and even governmental institutions by means of Twitter in early February 2018. This was after not having used his account for more than two months. Even though it seems like the mic on his thought leadership was on mute, the axles of his mind were still going. It took a dramatic drop in the stock market to get him tweeting again. And when he did, he really let loose.

Many are referring to the tweets that Shervin Pishevar sent out as a Twitter storm. He sent out 50 separate points in a span of 21 hours. He touched on the topics mentioned above as well as things like immigration, bitcoin, and a few companies that he feels will do well.

Shervin Pishevar is known in the Silicon Valley area because of the companies he has helped to get going and because of the success of his investments. He used one of his venture funds, Investment company, to invest early in Uber. He was even one of their advisors a couple years back.

One of the points that Shervin Pishevar made in this Twitter storm had to do with digital currencies. He referred to them as the ultimate app. When an entrepreneur wants to start a business, they now have a variety of methods to use for fundraising and have different digital currencies to choose from. This is something that is good for the economy because startups can find unique capital and grow. However, Shervin Pishevar has some grim predictions when it comes to bigger financial and governmental institutions. They are going to face a shift that may leave them irrelevant because of this revolution in stateless digital currencies.

This is not the first time that Shervin Pishevar has let his opinions about the future of the US economy be made known. He has spent time fighting for a more transparent society for years. He says in one of the last tweets that he sent out that when the middlemen are irrelevant, then there can be a global economy that is more perfectly efficient and frictionless.

The Problem of Debt Solved with Market America

Debt is a very common problem in America. This is one of the common causes of stress in the lives of people. People accumulate debt from many different sources. Among the forms of debt are credit card debt, mortgage, and debt from student loans. The worst thing about this type of debt is that a regular job is not going to go very far in paying off debt, and this includes some of the higher paying jobs. Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of Market America. The only issue is that it is going to require skill for people to achieve their goals. Fortunately, this skill can be easily learned.

The only skills that are needed when it comes to Market America are minimal computer skills and marketing skills. Once people are able to learn those skills, then all they have to do is work at their business with patience. The most important of these skills is marketing. Unfranchise business owners need to know how to reach out to people and engage them. This means learning all of the rules of engagement so that they will be able to make progress without offending.

Market America is one of the dream opportunities that can change people’s lives for the better. A lot of people get started on an opportunity from Market America and eventually find themselves wondering how they have managed to live without this opportunity. For one thing, there are many different methods for users to make money. At the same time, even customers can make money just from shopping if they get involved in the paid to shop program. After all, one of the most important things to people is the ability to save money. Market America is focused on making sure that customers get all of their needs met without spending a whole lot.

Way of the Future – Investment Banking

Investment banking provides the means for companies to raise funds in strategic ways to advance their business. If forward progress is what you are looking for through acquisitions and mergers, investment banking can find the creative solutions to make it happen. The broad swath that investment banking touches lends itself to any corporate or government that needs high-quality direction. If you have lofty expectations and goals, investment banking can provide the advice to ensure you are on a path to success.


Martin Lustgarten, a prominent investment banker, located in the Miami area has true experience at thinking out of the box to enable his clients to be successful. Martin has dual citizenship in Venezuela and Austria. This enables to see clients in a different perspective when compared to single citizenship investment bankers. He is quite flexible and diverse with his clients and himself. Managing risk is a huge part of trade. Martin understands this well, that risks need to be taken but also need to be considered with the long term goals and benefit of the initiative. If there is a will there is a way and Martin Lustgarten will find it.


On a personal not he enjoys history and collectibles. His favorite hobby is collecting vintage watches. Other items he enjoys is spending time in the Alps and skiing. Martin likes to work hard and play hard which keeps him grounded. Looking for Martin either in the office or on the slopes. Either way, he will put you on the path for the future.


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Investing for the Future


Investing is one of the best ways that people can plan and build their long term financial future. There are many different theories of investing, and it can be very confusing to people that have no background knowledge in the area. There are a lot of companies and investment banks that help people manage their investments over the long term. Highland Capital is one of these investment banks founded by Jim Dondero, and it has had great success over the past couple of years helping their clients succeed with a high rate of return on their investments. There are several things that people need to keep in mind when they are looking at their investments. Although there are always going to be short term swings in the market, it is important to keep the long term in mind when planning investments for an individual. Here are several tips for anyone that has a goal that they are investing for in the future.

Be Consistent

When it comes to investing, being consistent is one of the best things that anyone can do to increase their chances of success over the long term. There are always going to be times when the market is up or down. Sticking to a plan and executing it over the long term is a great way to have success. A lot of people simply invest the same amount of money in the market each month without looking at the performance of the market. Investment banks should be able to provide some guidance on whether the market is over bought or sold for clients. There are many people in the investment banking world that have been able to provide their customers with a lot of value through earning them a high rate of return.

Never Panic

Another important rule of thumb in investing is to never panic. There are going to be times when the market drops several percentage points in a day. The worst time to sell is after a market crash. There are many people that sold their entire portfolio of investments after the stock market crash in 2007 and 2008. This was actually a great time to buy and invest more money for the future.

James Dondero

James Dondero founded Highland Capital many years ago and it has been growing ever since. James Dondero takes a unique approach to investment banking. Unlike many other companies, he is interested in helping his clients build wealth over the long term. He does not his company to sell high commission products that are bad for the customer. There are many people that believe Highland Capital will continue to grow over the long term under his direction.

Adam Sender Collects Huge Pay Off for Art

Collecting art is something that people do for fun, but it can eventually become something that people do for profit if they are skilled in this. That is the case with Adam Sender. He has spent years collecting the art that he loves so much. Now this hedge fund manager turned art collector has a grand opportunity to reap the harvest from the bountiful art collection that he has built.

Adam Sender, as seen in this Observer article, isn’t a run of the mill art collector. To the contrary, Sender has become an authority as a collector of pieces that are highly sought after by other art collectors. When Sender started collecting art he starting getting pieces almost 2 decades ago that were in the 6 figure range. As time progressed much of the art that he collected would increase in value that was 10 or 20 times more than the original price. The art that Sender started selling back in 2014 would be valued at a sum total of about 80 million dollars. This could be a huge payoff that shows the he made an excellent decision to choose this as his occupation.

The reality is that he could have made millions in hedge fund management, but he may not have been happy in this role. When it comes to art collecting Sender certainly had a passion for this. This is evident because he was actually using the hedge fund earnings to collect art. It would become evident that this was what he wanted to do with his life. It takes a lot to move out of security and into the unknown. The art world definitely is an unknown venture because there is never a guarantee that one can get the return on investment that was originally put into the art. Sender didn’t have any guarantee that his painting would be valued at millions of dollars. It is like stocks and hedge funds. He simply had to pick based on what he knew and hope that his returns of investment would be substantial in the long run.

Adam Sender is one of most successful investors because he has been able to find something that he is passionate about and make money from it. This is what everyone desires in life. Sender likes a lot of the contemporary art, and he has shown his art in many different exhibits. He has had thousands of painting at one time. He sold a great number of these paintings in 2011 and held on to more for several years. As time progressed other paintings grew in value. Now he is selling even more that will also yield a handsome profit. He has art earnings that will last a lifetime.