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Investment Firm Executive James Dondero

James Dondero is the co founder and president of the Dallas based investment firm known as Highland Capital Management. He started up this firm in the year 1990 and help grow it into one of the top financial services firms in the world. Over the course of his career, James has gained a vast amount of knowledge and expertise about the field of finance. He regularly studies the markets and is therefore able to find a number of highly profitable opportunities. During his tenure as the co founder and president of the firm, he expanded the firm from a life insurance company to one that provides a number of services such as financial advising and asset management. He is also among the more innovative finance professionals as he made his firm the first to offer collateralized loan obligations to clients. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.

The career of James Dondero began when he first started working for an investment firm. During this time, he worked as a credit investment analyst. At this position, James would evaluate a number of financial securities that were backed by credit. This experience helped James develop his eventual business idea as well as advance to other senior level positions. Within the next several years, James would attain the position as chief investment officer where he would manage large sums of capital for major corporations. His stint as a chief investment officer would also help James gain experience and expertise in managing capital for other investors. By the beginning of the 1990’s, James would start up his own financial services firm.


Dondero started up a life insurance company with Mark Okada in 1990. Within two years, he built it into a very reputable company that provided quality life insurance products to consumers. However, James wanted to provide more services and expand the company. He would begin offering a number of services that were provided by other more established brokerage firms. Throughout the 1990’s, James would continue to expand the services offered to clients and add some innovative products as well. Dondero eventually offered collateralized loan obligations which would help numerous investors manage their capital. Visit to know more about James.

Paul Mampilly Giving Insights To Investors In The Food And Medical Industry

Paul Mampilly is one of the most successful investments advisers in the US and runs Profits Unlimited which is the biggest newsletter in the investment industry. Paul has previously managed multi-million dollar accounts as a hedge fund manager and has won many investment awards.

Paul has a proven track record, and all the investment advice he gives in his newsletters have very high chances of success. Mampilly can see an investment opportunity where no one else can, and according to him there is an amazing opportunity for food companies and precision medicine providers.

According to Mampilly the Millenial generations have now reached adulthood and have no skills of cooking. The reason for their lack of skills is that they were raised at a time when both their parents were working thus relied on food that were cooked elsewhere. The millennial generation based on research has an eating habit where they spend most of their time and money having dinners out more than any other generation. It is estimated that they spend over 50 dollars a week on these dinners. These categories of people are beginning to have kids and face the challenge of cooking and feeding their families. Millennials are currently purchasing foods that have recipes for homemade cooking and are healthy. One thing that investors in this industry must realize is that the millennial generations is highly educated and are aware of the market trends. They also research their food, and during their lifetime they have witnessed a rise in lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and food allergies. Food delivery companies have been thriving in the food industry not only because they provide convenience but also because they provide a healthy and nutritious meal. For this reason, Mampilly recommends that investors do purchase stocks in this type of companies.

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Another key sector that investors should be keenly interested in investing in is the medical industry and specifically on precision medicine. Precision medicine is a process where a medical doctor uses an individual’s genetic information and medical history to diagnose and treat a medical condition. Precision medicine helps improve the level of accuracy in treatment and diagnosis and allows for personalized treatment. Also using precision medicine a doctor a doctor can match ones symptoms against a large database hence it makes it easier to target an illness. This is an investment opportunity that everyday investor in the medical industry should consider buying.

Paul Mampilly is an American investor and a former hedge fund manager who has for a very long time been offering investment advice to investors in America and globally. Mampilly attended Montclair State University where he pursued a degree in BBA finance and accounting. Mampilly also holds an MBA Finance from Fordham School of Business.

Mampilly in his long, rich career has worked for several financial institutions such as the Swiss Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Asset Management.

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Arthur Becker Investing

There are a lot of people who are looking forward to investing in real estate. This is a great way to build wealth over time, and you will be able to invest in a variety of different areas. Not only that, but you will also be able to take things to a new level with your finances. There are many people who struggle to save and invest any amount of money. Instead of living like this for your whole life, you can start to invest to build up a new source of income. That is what Arthur Becker has done for many years, and he is now starting to see all of his hard work rewarded in a variety of ways.

Arthur Becker

There are many people who want to build wealth and have extra money. However, few people have the work ethic to follow through on this dream. Arthur Becker has done a great job of helping people in this area, especially when it comes to investing in others. Not only will he help you take things to the next level in your life, but he will also work to make things easier on you. If you work with him, he will teach you all of the basics that you need to know. Come on by to see what he can offer you today in this area.

Future Plans

In the coming years, Arthur Becker said in NY Magazine that he wants to continue to build wealth in a number of areas. He is excited about the changes that are occurring in the market, and he understands what it is going to take to reach his goals. He is ready and willing to work to get where he wants to go in life. This is something that he has always done, even when he was a young child. Over the long term, investing is the way to build wealth. In addition, real estate is a great avenue to build wealth through. If you want to start investing today, says you should learn from people who have experience in the field and who are willing to invest in these areas.