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The Sale Of Holley By Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management is an independent equity firm that deals with investments. In the recent news, the company has revealed on the sale of Holley Performance Products. The sale is directed to an associate of Sentinel Capital. Holley is a company which was started in the year 1903. The company manufactures, designs and markets for the various products that are branded. Holley has served for a considerable period of time and is therefore loaded with both skills and experience in the industry. Holley has been the leader of various brands such as Racepack, Hays, Earls and Edge among many others. The main objective of Holley is to improve the general value to people’s cars.

Lincolnshire Management company’s current president Mr. T.J. Maloney goes ahead and showers praises to Holley by saying that the power of Holley’s brand and its expertise in the industry gives his company the urge to have an investment with Holley. He further reveals that for the time that they have worked with Holley there has be remarkable growth and thrive in the investment made to the development of new products. Lincolnshire’s principal recommends Holley for being an exemplary brand which is very innovative and has created a good customer relation with the numerous customers all over the world.

Mr. Tom Tomlinson who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Holley says that Lincolnshire Management has a very good understanding of Holley’s customers, products and also markets. They also have a clear understanding the various challenges that are experienced by Holley. These two factors have brought a positive impact to the growth and development of Holley.

Lincolnshire Management has its headquarters in New York and was started in the year 1986. It has several branches in Atlanta, Los Angeles and also in Chicago. The company has put investments in numerous companies since its founding. The company’s staff are also well equipped with skills for proper management and operating skills. Lincolnshire Management has also established several partnerships which are working on coming up with new and helpful strategies which will assist in the development of new lines of products.

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Gareth Henry Speaks Out About The Importance Of Private Credit

It’s safe to say that when it comes to investing, Gareth Henry is a household name. Known amongst many investors as the Managing Director of Fortress Investment Group, over the last quarter year, Gareth has been very outspoken when it comes to private credit and its importance for institutional investor’s. There are many instances when having private credit can actually be a life saver.

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Understanding Private Credit

Private credit is not a publicly traded commodity rather they are held and originate from private lenders not associated with any bank. Private credit takes on a wide variety of legal forms from personal loans to bonds and notes. Whatever the legal form, According to Gareth Henry, private credit is on the rise. A recent Preqin report stipulated that direct lending made up roughly 30% of the private credit market, accounting for the second largest share credit.

How Direct Lending Works

Take it from Gareth Henry, direct lending isn’t complicated, essentially its good old fashion bank lending, without the bank. Initially, Asset managers like Oaktree Capital comprised the lion share of the direct lending market, often offering investors low-interest direct loans with much more agreeable terms than a traditional bank loan depending on your credit. Could this be why direct lending is becoming increasingly popular among investors and business owners alike?

Factors Behind The Boom In Direct Lending

After Oaktree Capital set the trend, other businesses have risen up offering better exclusive terms and conditions giving rise to the direct lending boom we now find ourselves in. According to Gareth Henry, Americans now hold an average of over six thousand dollars of credit card debt with credit scores ranging between six hundred and fifty and six hundred and eight five. This fact is what is giving rise to an increased interest in alternative funding mechanisms that offer better rates and borrowing terms when compared to traditional banks.



Chris Linkas Discusses Need to Save and Invest Early

Most people are well aware that they will need to be able to save and invest a lot of money in order to retire, buy a home, or complete a variety of other long-term financial goals. While most people are aware of how important it is to develop a good investment and savings strategy, many do not consider how important it is to start saving as early as possible. Ideally, you should start saving money and investing as soon as you are working a full-time job. There are many reasons and benefits why starting to invest in safe as early as possible is very beneficial.


Investing Early

One of the main reasons why you should start saving and investing as soon as possible is that you can learn more about investing in the markets. Investing in the markets is a very foreign concept to most novice investors. However, many people who continue to invest overtime will soon be able to identify trends and other investment opportunities. The sooner you start investing as advised by Chris Linkas, the sooner you will be able to start noticing these advantages and trends.

Another reason why you should start to invest in the markets as soon as possible is that you can take advantage of compound interest. This type of interest is the amazing ability for investment interest income to compound on itself over time. Those that are able to start investing at an earlier age will often find that they are able to achieve far more with investments with far less invested than those that wait even 10 years to start investing. This can lead to far greater overall returns for those that are able to follow a sound savings and investment strategy.

For those that are new to investing and would like to achieve their long-term financial goals, speaking with Chris Linkas could be a great idea. He is an experienced investment professional that has helped many people established and meet their long-term financial goals. Chris Linkas will also be able to further explain to you the benefits of starting to save as much as possible at an early age.

SahmAdrangi Is Set To Bet $100 Million Against A Single Stock

SahmAdrangi has successfully raised over $100 million. The investor plans to use this money to bet against a single stock. The investor raised the money through Kerrisdale Capital Management, his investment company. Sahm is both Kerrisdale Capital Management’s founder and chief investment officer.The money will be invested through Kerrisdale’s new ‘co-investment’ fund. According to industry experts, this will be the first time for such an investment drive to be conducted in the United States. They noted that SahmAdrangi’s company has ventured into a new field of investing raised funds. Previously, companies have mainly used similar funds to invest in traditional fields such as helping distresses energy companies to recover. The funds have also been used to enhance the recovery of residential mortgage-backed securities. However, Sahm’s small investment firm is seeking to use the money to short the stocks of a public company that is yet to be unveiled. SahmAdrangi incorporated Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009. The company is based in the city of New York.

SahmAdrangi is an American trader, financial expert, and a shrewd entrepreneur. He has loads of experience in investing in stocks. Sahm has used his vast market knowledge found a company that offers innovative products. The firm focuses on helping investors to make handsome returns from investing in different stocks.The trader made a name for himself in the competitive financial industry by shorting many fraudulent Chinese companies. Presently, the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating a number of these fraudulent companies. His success in short research activism earned him recognition from different financial experts around the globe.SahmAdrangi began his career in the financial industry as hedge fund manager by working for Deutsche Bank in the investment banking division. In addition, Sahm served as an analyst for Longacre Management, a renowned multi-million-dollar distressed debt hedge fund. The shrewd investor also rendered his services for Chanin Capital Partners as an analyst. The executive graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Yale University, one of the prestigious universities globally. The investor attributes his success to the business skills he gained while he was pursing his studies at the university.

Martin Lustgarten Considers Italian Referendum Results

Some politicians will promise to give the citizens a referendum, if they are elected. This is what took place for Brexit. It also might have been the core element of the December 4, 2016 Italian referendum. Why does investment banker Martin Lustgarten think the Italian referendum “No” vote is important.

“Italian Constitution”

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi had asked the citizens to decide on whether they wanted to remove power from the Upper House to pass legislation. Mr. Renzi said, this would make it easier for the government to pass laws. The Italian people voted “No.”As a result, the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigned. Following the British Prime Minister Cameron’s resignation after Brexit, these resignations show that the people are upset. Perhaps, these governments are not completely in touch with the wishes of their constituents.

“Citizens Want Democracy”

Politicians have a lot of different interests to consider. Brexit and the Italian vote suggests “changing winds” in the European Union. Perhaps, the citizens are dissatisfied with their economic situation. Europeans are very concerned about GMO labeling and environmental issues.The European Union was a great experiment, which might have failed. The nations, which did not join fully, like Switzerland, Norway and England seem to be enjoying higher national productivity gains. Might the Italian citizens want a referendum on “leaving the European Union” next?

“Italian Banking”

Investment banker Martin Lustgarten understands the importance of timing. The mood in Europe is for change. The people are stirred up. Perhaps, if the Italian referendum were scheduled in 2009, it might have passed.When you need to look at the contours of Italian banking, then investment banker Martin Lustgarten can help you. These political votes are likely to have important economic repercussions. The “natives are restless.” Future politicians might schedule even more referendums.

The good news is that the Italians voted for democracy. They understand their rights; they know that the banking sector is important to their countries. We might see more close cooperation with the politicians and bankers of Europe to resolve some of their key issues.


Getting High Quality Investment Advice with Laidlaw and Company



Due to a business conflict or dispute with a client, Laidlaw & Company was issued temporary restriction order. Laidlaw & Company had been providing outstanding services to Relmada, a publicly traded pharmaceutical company, prior to this incident.


When it comes to choosing a reputable investment bank, look no further than Laidlaw & Company. Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, the principals at Laidlaw & Company, are highly regarded in the industry due to their honesty and transparency. Perhaps you have heard a lot about the amazing benefits of working with Laidlaw & Company and its team of competent investment advisors and financial management professionals.


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Their mission is to provide efficient management service, and to help their clients grow and preserve their wealth. Their clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have access to premium investment solutions and financial services.


As a leading investment boutique with decades of experience this company is dedicated to providing top quality investment advice and guidance. Laidlaw believes in honesty, and integrity and provides transparent investment advice to clients across the globe.


The team at Laidlaw & Company is highly knowledgeable and works hard to ensure the best possible customer service. The company’s broad range of traditional and alternative investment solutions and superior client service are provided to both institutional clients and high net worth individuals.


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Philip Diehl and US Money Reserve

Philip Diehl is currently the president of US Money Reserve, the largest distributor of government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins. Prior to this position he worked as the director of the US Mint. While working for the largest producer of bullion coins Diehl worked hard to significantly improve the government organization. While it was the largest producer in the world when he got there, its distribution and service were areas in which it was clearly lacking. Diehl’s entrepreneurial spirit led the US Mint to developing distribution on every continent, including Antarctica. Furthermore, Diehl continually stressed the importance of good service to those he worked with. This eventually led to the Mint being ranked among top private businesses for customer service.

Diehl’s experiences with the federal government transferred well to his role at US Money Reserve. He maintained his focus on customer service in his new position which had a company-wide impact. The excellent service was seen not just with the sales staff, but with the back office workers as well. US Money Reserve provides the best return policy in the industry to ensure that their customers are satisfied. Diehl is confident in this due to the fact that he serves on three industry boards and is thus very familiar with his competitors.

Aside from setting itself apart with superior customer service US Money Reserve offers something else many others can not, peace of mind. All of the gold, silver, and platinum coins that come from the company are certified in weight and purity by the US Mint. Their value is also backed by the world’s number one economy. Those buying from other sources risk receiving counterfeit pieces as has happened recently from several overseas distributors. The rounds of gold purchased from overseas were extremely sophisticated counterfeits which could fool almost anyone.

Diehl recommends buying bullion coins rather than gold bars or other forms for a couple of reasons. The first being that the coins are certified legal tender whereas other forms are not. The weight and purity of these other forms of precious metals is also never guaranteed. Bullion coins also come with the backing of the US Mint to ensure that a customer is getting exactly what they pay for.

Marc Sparks – Role of Money in Business

Most entrepreneurs when they start out their business dream, mess-up relationships with money. Understanding relationship with money is crucial for starting or buying a business as well as to continue to operate it. While business is running, there is a need to care for themselves and their businesses and this needs money too. For aspiring entrepreneurs, it is time take a step back and get some insight from those who know it well, when it comes to money for business, like Marc Sparks.

Marc Sparks jumped into the business arena soon after graduating from high-school in 1975 in Austin, Texas. After a few failure ventures, he gathered up courage and resources to start a few companies where each went on to become one of the highly successful firms in telecommunication industry. He has successfully owned and operated a wide range of businesses since then. His involvement is mainly in the telecommunication industry and some of the firms he dealt with include Cardinal Telecom, Splash media and Blue Jay Wireless. Marc has also worked in business solutions, real estate and venture investing. He had a great relationship, a healthy one when it came to money all the time. His businesses cost money and he was clever enough to borrow for covering a lot of start-up costs. His Dallas based Timber Creek Capital contains a portfolio of all his establishments and awards.

Marc Sparks has a lot of advice for young and unsuccessful entrepreneurs. His mantra is to not lose hope. Entrepreneurs need money obviously and the less money they have, the less they are able to start a business. When businesses are risky, placing money on the line is also risky. Investors who put less money are allowing entrepreneurs to take a big share of this risk. On the other hand, a big share of investment from these investors means less control over the business for business owners. Marc Sparks’s advice is to strike a balance in this situation. For owners who have limited cash, Marc suggests starting the business without external capital or raising capital with a working prototype. Starting small with the idea is another option. This will let the owner or entrepreneur need less money, make more money out of the business and scale it into a largest business opportunity. For those who do not have money, they need to consider making and saving as much as they can before jump into the business bandwagon.

Entrepreneurs who cannot manage their own finance should not manage business finance either, says Marc. Many entrepreneurs who want to start new have lots of debts. Getting rid of some of these debts is a no-brainer. And being financially responsible goes much deeper. It is about making good decisions and making purchase that is affordable. People who make bad decisions when it comes to personal expenditure will only amplify the situation in case of business expenditure. In essence, business is only for someone who is good at managing money – both in personal and professional level.

Investing in the Brazilian Economy

Brazil, having one of the most powerful economies in the world is ranked as having the eighth most powerful economy in the world. Brazil even has the most powerful economy in South America. With the strong economy, right now, more than ever is the perfect time for investors to become apart of the world of economy in Brazil.

Foreign investors have been flocking to the economy the Brazil has due to the fact that it is one of the strongest in the world. What makes Brazil so popular is the fact that Brazil has an infinite number of natural resources with a booming population that must be supported. In addition to this, Brazil is one of the top food producers in the world is the most important exporter of natural resources in the Latin American region.

What could make the Brazilian economy so much stronger is the addition of foreign investors. With the booming population that Brazil is experiencing as well as the need for infrastructure, now more than ever, is the time for foreign investors to become apart of the investing world in Brazil.

An example of a successful businessman in Brazil is Zeca Oliveira. Oliveira has not only made a name for himself through his success with the Brazilian market but also through his expert advice to those foreign investors who are looking to invest in the Brazilian economy.

Here are a few tips that Zeca Oliveira provides for foreign investors:

1.) Understand the major players in the Brazilian economy

Brazil consists of both privately owned as well as state owned banks and commercials. There are currently 10 major players in the country of Brazil that every single investor must keep track of. It is also important to understand the rules and regulations before entering the world of business. It is the best advice to be-friend a local in Brazil to share the local rules and regulations.

2.) Know who the trading partner is

Brazil currently has strong connections with China. China and Brazil are trading partners which means that any investor looking to invest show understand what goods are imported as well as exported. A strong economy in China means a strong economy in Brazil. This also means that all raw good that are sold in Brazil, are sold at a good price. In addition to this, China is also one of Brazil’s biggest competitors regarding exported goods in Latin America. By understanding who the trading partners are, will ensure a bigger profit when investing.

3.) Know how to currency works in Brazil

Currently Brazil’s currency is extremely overvalued. This in turn has created account deficits. To avoid depreciation, the Central Bank of Brazil has been selling dollar swaps to the local markets. Due to the overvalued currency, this is the time, now more than ever, for investors to play a major role. Investments in industry are now extremely important in order to keep the Brazilian economy strong and powerful. With countless natural resources, this is the country to invest in.

The Huge Opportunity of Investing in Brazil


Brazil is one of the most important nations in South America and has been a prime investing target over the years. There are many aspects of Brazil that make it attractive to a wide range of investors seeking a higher return. One of the biggest areas of growth over the past couple of years in Brazil has been in its population. There are hundreds of millions of people that live in Brazil and this number is expected to grow. As the country continues to advance technologically, the total economic output of the nation has expanded as well.

Natural Resources

There are also a wide range of natural resources that are native to Brazil. This is important because with its growing population the country will continue to rely heavily on these resources to fuel its growth. In addition, when it has excess resources it can export them to other countries. The nation does produce some oil, but it also has a vast array of other resources from which to draw from. As it increases in prominence on the world stage, other nations will start looking toward Brazil to take up the mantel of a super power. This is one of the reasons that so many investors are looking towards this country to invest in over the long term. Along with Russia, China and India, Brazil is expected to be one of the fastest growing nations over the next 50 years.


Another positive trait about Brazil is its leadership. There are leading investors like Zeca Oliveira that have poured millions of dollars in to the infrastructure of the country. Without people like Zeca Oliveira, the country would not be where it is today. There is a growing national pride about what the nation of Brazil can offer the world. Only time will tell if they can rise to the challenge that so many people have left before them in becoming a super power. However, with leaders and investors like Zeca Oliveira there is nothing that can stand in their way.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Brazil is a nation that is starting to grow in influence around the world. Investors like Zeca Oliveira have helped to make Brazil in to what it is today as far as a world power. Its population growth will continue to drive its growing economic output that is growing on the world stage.