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Indiana’s Senate Hopeful Rokita Called Out For Racist Ad

Unfortunately for everyone throughout the United States of America, the political landscape involves endless fighting between Democrats and Republican over views that virtually all constituents of each party consider sacred, more or less.

Todd Rokita is a candidate running for a seat in the Indiana State Senate as a Republican. However, a recent ad ran by Rokita has been alleged to be tied directly to race and other classes in the United States, including protests against police violence, the use of other languages besides English, and calling out “liberal elites” that ultimately supported “[rioting] in our streets” and widespread assaults on law enforcement officers.

Two pastors from Fort Wayne, Indiana, have spoken out against the ad.

Such contest is objectively great, seeing as most churchgoers and their church leaders have conservative views. Some pastors that step out against issues that, for example, are similar to what is held by Indiana State Senate hopeful Todd Rokita could effectively cause their attendance to plummet.

Reverend John Gardner of Plymouth Congregational Church of Fort Wayne spoke out by saying the advertisement has gone “too far,” further stating that Rokita should be “called out” by members of the community, especially those of prominent positions in the state of Indiana such as Mr. Gardner, himself.

Nathan Brand, a spokesman for Todd Rokita, shared that the true motivation behind the creation of the video was not at all related to race and that such criticisms of Rokita’s controversial campaign advertisement shown on both television and the Internet were “political correctness run amok.”