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Indians Wants Money Back From Superintendent

The state of Indiana has a major focus on education reform. Gary is one of the worst cities in the entire state. Over the years, Gary has had a high crime rate and poor educational opportunities for children who live there.

The superintendent of schools from Gary recently received a large bonus for her performance. However, it turns out that many of the test scores were false. The state of Indiana is now trying to get that bonus back from her. It will be investing to see if they are successful in court.

Investing in Education

Over the past few years, the state has invested a lot of time and money into education for children. At one time, Indiana had inferior test scores relative to other states. However, the test scores have started to increase recently. This is primarily due to an increased focus on education from state legislators and more funding for teachers.

In the coming years, the leaders of the state want to continue focusing on education. There are many children in the state who are still not receiving a quality education due to the area they live in. If a child grows up in a poor area, their odds of going to college are much lower than someone who lives in a wealthy area. The state government is hopeful that recent changes will help poorer students.

Indiana’s Economy Is Growing

There is a bright future for Indiana’s economy, according to economists, as cited in IndyStar. Economists at Indiana University project that the GDP in Indiana will grow at a rate of 2.8 percent. In fact, this is higher than the projected GDP growth for the country in general, which is 2.6 percent.

In addition, Indiana has a lower unemployment rate than the national average. The national unemployment rate is 4.3 percent, while unemployment in Indiana stands at 3.8 percent.

One reason why jobs may be growing in the Indiana area is because people may be needing more workers to help out after recent hurricanes in the area surrounding Indiana. In addition, job growth in growing in the United States in general.

There are also more and more companies moving to Indiana. For example, a company based in India will be arriving in Indiana to set up shop. It will create another five hundred jobs, according to IndyStar. The local government is planning on giving it tax credits and other incentives for it to come and create jobs. In addition, they may receive up to half a million dollars in training grants. Many engineers in Indiana will be able to find employment through this company. As economic opportunities grow in Indiana, and as it becomes a better environment for businesses that is conducive for their success, more and more jobs will be created. This will be the second time this year a company from India will set up shop in Indiana.