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The Greatest Spectacle in Racing – The Indy 500

The greatest spectacle in racing, known in most households as the Indianapolis 500, is an annual event that has been taking place at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway for over a century. This remarkable facility welcomes race fans from across the world to witness the nation’s most talented drivers take to the track to try and win a two hundred lap race that averages at speeds over two-hundred miles per hour.


The race is filled with high speeds, hard crashes, pit strategy, aggressive tactics, and drafting, and each element plays a crucial role in whether the race goes well or poorly. With over thirty drivers entering the event each year, it could be considered a wild card style event, where one lucky drivers masters all the elements on that particular day to win the event. It takes extreme focus, teamwork, and driving skills to win this extremely famous car race, and a little bit of luck can’t hurt either.


Every driver wants to lift the trophy in the victory circle at the end of the race, a traditional that has existed in auto racing for many decades. Every year, the characteristics of the event shine down on the drivers that have to fight against each other on the race track, and only the best drivers will ever have the opportunity to take the checkered flag and celebrate an Indy 500 race victory.

Will Power Earns His First Indianapolis 500 Victory on Memorial Day

Will Power experienced one of the greatest feelings in all of auto racing, as he crossed the finish line at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway to win the 102nd Indianapolis 500 race. He managed to hold off several competitive drivers, including the early race favorite, Ed Carpenter, who led a majority of the laps in the early stages of the event.


As the laps ticked by, and even after a late race restart, Will Power managed to retrieve the lead and take the checkered flag at this remarkable and famous race, a race that he thought he would never win. Will Power considers himself a veteran of the Indy Car series, but this is a crown jewel event, and these events are much harder to win, compared to an average race on the schedule.


Will Power drives for Penske Racing, and team owner Roger Penske congratulated his driver on the in-car radio in the moments after the race concluded. Another thing that might go unnoticed about this particular Indianapolis 500 is the fact that it was raced on Memorial Day, a day to remember the brave men and women who have fought for the freedoms of America. Will Power did not forget to acknowledge that as he celebrated his remarkable win in the victory circle.


The race was filled with excitement, lead changes, and crashes. The race also featured the final race of Danica Patrick, who spun out and hit the wall in a hard crash on lap 68 of the event. The crash would end her race and her career, as she had previously announced that this would be her final competitive race in Indy Car, and she had already previously retired from NASCAR.


At the end of the day, there is only one winner, and for this particular Indianapolis 500, the winner became Will Power, who will hold this cherished honor for the next year before the best drivers in the world come back and do it all over again.

Danica Patrick Returns to Race One Final Time at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Danica Patrick has enjoyed a unique type of lifestyle of the majority of her professional career, as an athlete that competes at speeds upwards of two-hundred miles per hour. Her first professional race in the IndyCar Series was at Homestead-Miami Speedway in Florida back in the 2005 racing season. That race ended with a massive crash that left Danica Patrick uninjured, thankfully. She was racing for Rahal Letterman Racing in her first professional IndyCar event.

As she prepares for her last professional racing event at the great Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Danica Patrick strapped into an IndyCar with Ed Carpenter Racing, to begin testing for the 2018 Indy-500 on May 27th. Danica Patrick expressed her emotions as she talked about her racing career, and how happy she was to be at a track that felt like home. This nationally-famous race track, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, was home to something more than a fourth place finish for Danica in her rookie racing season, it was home to the courage, passion, and competitive spirit that Danica has expressed over the course of her career.

She won an IndyCar event in the Twin Ring Motegi racetrack on April 20th of 2008. That race took place a little over one decade ago. It’s almost a storybook ending that she will be ending her racing career just after the tenth anniversary of that remarkable victory.

Danica Patrick also spent several seasons in NASCAR, trying to compete at the top levels of the NASCAR Cup Series, but struggling with Stewart-Haas Racing for over six years. Her best finishing position was 6th place at Atlanta in September of the 2014 season. Her career has been very impressive, for a woman that impressed us all at the beginning of her career, she looks to end her impressive career with a victory at the 2018 Indianapolis 500.